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Perfecting Canvas Soothing Primer

BRB International BV

Perfecting Canvas Soothing Primer is crafted for all skin types to create an even surface for flawless makeup application. Perfecting Canvas Soothing Primer instantly blurs imperfections and creates a soft, ultra-smooth canvas for makeup. This lightweight primer is formulated with soothing and smoothing ingredients imparts a luxurious velvet matte finish while providing enduring hydration and comfort, catering to all skin types, even sensitive and reactive ones.
Flawless Radiance Day Cream With BB-BIONT™ (*) And CRYSTALIDE® (**)


This day cream containing BB-Biont™ and Crystalide® daily helps to repair the skin. BB-Biont™ helps restore, smooth and even skin while Crystalide® promotes a glowy complexion. Used in traditional medicine, Phytolea™ Pomegranate supports the protective effect of the cream. The emulsifiers Span™ 60 and Span™ 40 combined with Crodamol™ GTCC offer a light and soft texture. To be ACTIVEly committed, the formula and its ingredients follow the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry and is of natural origin (natural origin content of 99.30%*) according to the ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2 standards. It is free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones and mineral oils. (*) Patent pending (**) Patent N° FR 3 079 749; WO 2019/193113; EP 3 773 460; CN 1 119 186 38; BR 11 2020 018265; HK 4 003 178 4A

Adeka Corporation

The Gel Foundation developed with ADEKA NOL GT-930 is a liquid foundation designed to make the face appear slimmer. Instantly lifts and firms the skin for a more youthful effect. The texture is fresh and hydrating, with a beautiful and longlasting effect.
Pore Cover Mousse Foundation

KCC Beauty

This solid foundation has a soft cushion texture, so is easily applied to the skin. SeraSilk® PD 72 provides a smooth feel due to the presence of spherical elastomer powder, which also gives pore cover, oil absorption and a highly matte finish. SeraSoft® SW 70-E allows improved compatibility between silicone and organic ingredients. SeraSense® AC 16 helps to stabilise the pigment dispersion.
BB Cream With SPF 40 Sun Protection

Hallstar Italia Srl

This BB cream formulation was designed to provide superior broad-spectrum (SPF/PFA <3) label SPF 40 performance. SolaStay® S1 provides very rapid and efficient excited-state quenching of Avobenzone and mitigates the photocatalytic and reactive oxygen species-generating activities of the oxides to improve sunscreen performance. HallBrite® BHB, Sensolene® and HallTress® DIBA Special contribute to UV filter solubility and enhance product feel. Eurol® BT contributes anti-aging, skin elasticizing, anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties. This formulation was subjected to in vitro analysis and delivered SPF ~45 , PFA (PPD) ~21 performance with critical wavelength 382 nm.
Light Foundation Cream

Lubrizol Advanced Materials Asia Pacific Limited

This light foundation cream uses Carbopol®* Aqua SF-1 OS polymer in an untreated TiO2 containing emulsion to provide good long term stability (TiO2 suspension and emulsion stabilization), good color rub-in characteristics, uniform distribution of TiO2 particles, and smooth texture with a glossy appearance.
BB Cream With SPF 30 Sun Protection

Hallstar Italia Srl

This sunscreen uses the elegant emollient and sunscreen solvent, HallBrite BHB, and olive-inspired multifunctional chemistries Olivem, Oliwax and Eurol BT to provide superior aesthetics and enhanced skin care. This product yielded SPF 34 and PFA 9 performance in in vitro testing, with critical wavelength 376 nm.
Perfect DD Cream SPF 20

Croda Inc

This Daily Defence Cream, or DD Cream, protects against harmful light wavelengths whilst also offering a uniform tint on the skin. This is achieved through the inclusion of Solaveil™ XT40W which provides protection against UVA, UVB and High-Energy Visible light damage as well as protection against the free radicals generated. By combining this with Venuceane™, which protects against cellular damage by InfraRed and free radicals, you can achieve broad spectrum protection from the sun and its photo-ageing effects.
Tinted Moisturizer


This light, silicone-free, all-natural creamy moisturizer glides across the skin, revealing a dewy glow and lasting softness. LexFeel® N20 provides a natural alternative to dimethicone for an excellent skin feel and pigment dispersion.
Radiant CC Cream

BRB International BV

Radiant CC Cream is light a water-in-silicone emulsion which provides colour correcting properties onto your skin. Radiant CC Cream provides skin a glowing, healthier look and even skin tone. Suitable for all day long wear as it contains BRB TMS-30D which form a film onto skin upon drying. This film helps to reduce water loss.


Energy Enhancer Cream
Clean & Clear Face Primer

BRB International BV

Clean & Clear Face Primer is a clear silicone-in-water emulsion. Clean & Clear Face Primer is used as a make up base to provide long lasting make up.
BB Cream

Oat Cosmetics

Multi-functional BB cream, with Oat® SILK 12 and Oat® Lipid e, gives a make up effect light cream with skin-care benefits. The result is a bright, even and mattified skin tone whilst minimising appearance of skin unevenness.

Cargill Beauty

This unique, non-volatile, low silicone foundation applies with a creamy texture and finishes with a powder-dry feel. Floramac 10 provides the dry emollient feel and, unlike cyclopentasiloxane materials, is naturally derived and will not evaporate after application.

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics by Clariant

• Soft skin feel • Preservative free • Ecocert compliant ingredients > 99%

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics by Clariant

• Melting and powdery texture • Obtains a lamellar gel allowing the introduction of hydrophilic active in anhydrous base • Redesigned face contours

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics by Clariant

• Creamy texture • Soft touch • Redesigned face contours • Paraben free
All-Day-Long Concealer

Cargill Beauty

This BB-type under-eye concealer provides superior, natural-looking, all-day coverage. Floraesters IPJ demonstrates amazing slip and spreadability to support smooth application with high coverage. The unique, dry emolliency of Floraesters IPJ offers an even and matte appearance while firming the skin. The excellent oxidative stability of Floraesters IPJ in the presence of iron oxides makes Floraesters IPJ the perfect botanically derived emollient for highly pigmented products.

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