COVER STORY: Finding sustainability outside of oleochemicals

In the ever-changing world of personal care product manufacturing, every ingredient counts. Formulators’ ingredient choices play a pivotal role in determining the product’s efficacy, quality, and performance.

Sophorolipids: boosting surfactant sustainability

Biosurfactants are surfactants of microbial origin - from yeast, fungi or bacteria. Produced in nature for a variety of reasons, biosurfactants have multi-functional properties and benefits ready to be harnessed by formulators and product manufacturers.

COVER STORY: The future of cosmetics is sustainability

We learned from history that natural products do not always chime with sustainable products. In some cases, the increase of intensive agribusiness has compromised essential biodiversity. We can mention the recent case of the Brazilian Cerrado, the Brazil’s second-largest biome (after the Amazon Rainforest), and the world’s most biodiverse savanna, currently threatened because of sugarcane, soya, corn, sorghum, and cotton cultivation expansion.1,2

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