Red seaweed: secret treasure in the Baltic Sea

Codif Technologie Naturelle has developed Hydranov, a smart and effective moisturizer with hyaluronic acid effect for skin care, and Capiguard for hair care, fighting against pollution and protecting the hair cuticle. Est-Agar manufactures EstGel1000, which is a powdered furcellaran. As furcellaran molecules commonly exist in highly hydrated states, the substance has a high-water binding capacity, thus effectively reducing transepidermal water loss and providing moisturizing properties

Investigating Heilmoor extract rinse-off efficacy

Premium Organic examines the scientific research surrounding the clinical efficacy of Heilmoor extract when used in rinse-off applications. It explores its detoxifying, anti-pollution, moisturising, soothing and anti-acne properties and highlights its potential as a holistic skincare solution

Sustainable, functional amino acid ingredients

Amino acids and amino acid derivatives are mild and highly biodegradable raw materials for personal care products, and because they have unique functionality as cosmetic raw materials, more applications and expanded use are expected in the future, as Ajinomoto explains

Harnessing natural preservation with lichen

Cosmetic and personal care products serve as an ideal medium for microbial growth. Formulators must develop products that are resistant to microbial contamination for safety and regulatory compliance. Ways in which microbes may be introduced: raw materials can be a source of bioburden, unsanitized machinery, packaging contamination, consumer use, etc.

Complex polysaccharides derived from torula yeast

Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences has succeeded in producing a new complex polysaccharide from yeast cell walls that had been discarded after fermentation.

Multi-omic skin protection with an ecosystem active

Provital takes the wraps off Triplobiome, a biotech platform that uses plant endophytes to produce new natural active ingredients. Shiloxome, the first ingredient developed from this platform, brings together age-defying benefits while protecting the skin

Replacing synthetics naturally and effectively

Replacement of synthetic ingredients with natural ingredients is not as simple as removal of each material one by one and substituting it, as Alchemy Ingredients explains in depth

Lotus corniculatus extract to inhibit lipogenesis

Jaka Biotech reveals the findings of a study that indicates the topical use of a Lotus corniculatus seed extract yields clinical benefits in reducing sebum production and enhancing skin pore appearance for individuals with oily skin

Ashwagandha: adaptogenic plant for skin revival

Gattefossé has introduced an all-natural active ingredient designed to rejuvenate the skin. This innovative solution is derived from the roots of ashwagandha, a renowned adaptogenic herb. It harnesses the herb’s inherent vitality-boosting properties while acting as a shield for skin cells against various aggressors, with a specific focus on combatting digital stress

Using food ingredients in cosmetics: pros and cons

The use of food ingredients in cosmetics is not a new concept. However, as Alchemy Ingredients explains, there are numerous important differences between food and cosmetic ingredients that need to be taken into account when formulating with them

Natural coconut-derived antimicrobial active

Natura Aeropack demonstrates how a coconut-derived antimicrobial active shows considerable potential as a versatile and broad-spectrum preservative, catering to the unique demands of both cosmetics and personal care products

The antibacterial power of lichens

In vitro studies have shown the capability of a sodium salt derivative to inhibit the main bacteria involved in different skin, hair and oral discomforts. Clinical tests have also shown the performance of Evosina GP Green to visibly reduce desquamation of the scalp, relieve the irritation and itching sensation of both dry and greasy dandruff

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