Photo-adaptive, long-lasting UVA protection

Contrary to popular belief, sunburns and melanoma are not the only consequences of an unprotected long-term exposure to solar irradiation. Skin ageing, carcinomas and hyperpigmentation are some of the less-known evidences of sun-induced skin damage. Ironically, the former are caused by UVB rays that correspond to only 5% of the UV radiation that reaches the Earth and only penetrate the epidermis.

Tunable biosurfactants for global challenges

Surfactants are an essential component of a wide variety of formulations across personal care, home care, cosmetics, and industrial applications. They are prevalent in the personal care products we choose and even the packaged goods we eat.

Designing meaningful test results for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is an increasingly recognized condition within dermatology and defined by its low tolerance to everyday products, environmental and internal factors. Usually, it is without obvious physical signs but symptoms can develop as a result of certain triggers.

INTERVIEW: Moving the needle

Ahead of this month’s in-cosmetics Korea trade show, editor Tim Probert talks to Jayanne Jin - global editor/business developer of Seoul-based The K Beauty Science and board member of Hansae Fashion Worldwide, a listed company with $1.5 billion sales – about the latest Korean cosmetic trends

COVER STORY: PinoPlexTM: the bio-inspired hair moisturizer

Beautiful, healthy-looking hair is characterized by an optimal moisture balance. Physical and chemical stress can damage the hair cuticles, causing them to protrude and act like an open door which leads to moisture loss. It is therefore crucial to restore and retain moisture in the damaged hair fibres.

Celebrating the natural beauty of textured hair

Around 60-70% of the world’s population is estimated to have some form of texture in their hair, yet this segment is still not well understood or catered for. DSM-Firmenich has been working with a specialist textured hair consultant and end consumers to develop solutions that can address this texture gap

Salon-inspired green cationic conditioning

Kalichem presents the findings of ex vivo studies said to prove the superior anti-frizz, resistance to combing, gloss and restructuring actions of its Kerashaft Alab active ingredient for hair care rinse off and leave on applications. It is based on an innovative biotech composition made of biodegradable vegetable derived oligopeptides and postbiotics

Amino acid derivative for skin microbiome balance

Seiwa Kasei explains why its novel amino acid derivative Aminoflora contributes to a holistic approach in advancing overall skin wellbeing by comprehensively addressing skin, scalp, and hair health

Harnessing the power of microbiome manipulation

Active Concepts details the findings of an assay designed to assess the effect of active ingredients to alter dendritic cell paracrine signaling molecules to kill detrimental organisms found on the skin, and, therefore, promote commensal microbiota. The results are said to allow skin care researchers to unlock the secrets of the skin microbiome, paving the way for targeted interventions and personalized cosmetic solutions

K-Beauty's secret ingredient: Blending tradition with modern technology

Ahead of next month's in-cosmetics Korea trade show in Seoul on 24-26 July, event organiser RX Global takes a look at the latest K-Beauty trends

Red seaweed: secret treasure in the Baltic Sea

Codif Technologie Naturelle has developed Hydranov, a smart and effective moisturizer with hyaluronic acid effect for skin care, and Capiguard for hair care, fighting against pollution and protecting the hair cuticle. Est-Agar manufactures EstGel1000, which is a powdered furcellaran. As furcellaran molecules commonly exist in highly hydrated states, the substance has a high-water binding capacity, thus effectively reducing transepidermal water loss and providing moisturizing properties

Investigating Heilmoor extract rinse-off efficacy

Premium Organic examines the scientific research surrounding the clinical efficacy of Heilmoor extract when used in rinse-off applications. It explores its detoxifying, anti-pollution, moisturising, soothing and anti-acne properties and highlights its potential as a holistic skincare solution

Sustainable, functional amino acid ingredients

Amino acids and amino acid derivatives are mild and highly biodegradable raw materials for personal care products, and because they have unique functionality as cosmetic raw materials, more applications and expanded use are expected in the future, as Ajinomoto explains

Sustained actives release using silica aerogel

Tokuyama Corporation of Japan has commercialized a spherical silica aerogel powder, Airlica, for cosmetics applications, which is characterized by its smooth texture derived from its spherical form produced by our proprietary technology.

Novel active illuminating the path to radiant skin

Chemyunion presents an in vitro study showing the action of a resurrection plant and green coffee active in reducing lipofuscin induced by ultraviolet radiation in human fibroblasts, acting as a detoxifying and protective agent. As a result of these differential mechanisms, the clinical study underscores the potential of the resurrection plant and green coffee active formulation in delivering remarkable skin brightening and pro-ageing effects

Nourishing sensitive skin for healthier appearance

Lubrizol describes a novel active ingredient for sensitive skin with anti-ageing benefits that mimics the advantages of a healthy anti- inflammatory diet within the skin. This novel active ingredient, a biotechnological extract isolated from thermal springs in Italy and enriched with nourishing minerals, effectively reduces skin inflammation, even in cases where an unhealthy diet exacerbates the condition

Improving sensoriality of W/O mineral sunscreen

Kao Chemicals proposes the use of two specific ingredients: Exceparl LM-LC (Lauryl Lactate) as a solubilizer for UV filters with high solubility capacity and a low whitening effect, and Penetol GE-IS (Isostearyl Glyceryl Ether) as an emulsifier that forms liquid crystals in W/O emulsions with a higher internal phase content, affording a lighter and non-oily feel of the skin

INTERVIEW: Eyes on the prize

Michael Haspel is global vice president of personal & home care at Clariant. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina in the US and originally from New Jersey, Michael talks to editor Tim Probert about Clariant’s personal care strategy, opportunities in China and other trends

COVER STORY: Boosting astaxanthin benefits with phospholipids

Encapsulation of cosmetic active ingredients in skin-friendly particles potentiates their skin interaction and results in a superior and long-lasting cosmetic effect. PhytoSolve® Astaxanthin is an innovative natural product comprising a synergistic complex of the antioxidant astaxanthin (AXN) and natural phospholipids.

Unraveling complexities of the skin microbiome

Biocogent explains why it is critical for microbiome-based innovations to be promoted and conveyed to the consumer with clarity and an appreciation for the sophistication of the subject matter and technology

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