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Mattifying Make-Up Foundation

Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

Mattifying Compact Cream Make-Up

Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

Light Foundation M02

Hallstar Italia Srl


Vantage Specialty Ingredients, Inc.

This lightly tinted cream provides even skin tone and UV protection. Jojoba Buttercreme™ nourishes the skin and provides the combined benefits of Shea and Jojoba butters. BioPolymer BHA-10 provides substantive moisturization.

Sinerga S.p.A.


Sinerga S.p.A.

Flawless CC Cream ST-96

Lonza Personal Care

Hydrates, perfects and protects in one single application! This lightweight CC cream is the perfect step towards impeccable skin. ProSynergen™ DF restores barrier function so skin hydration is optimized all day long. ReGeniStem™ Red Rice refines skin’s texture and reactivates its youthfulness. LaraCare™? A200 provides a dose of long lasting moisture. Polyaldo™ DGDO KFG (NON GMO) 10-10-O supports moisturization while Lonzest™ DC, an emollient ester improves skin feel. Product aesthetics are provided by the Gel Bases. SilSlip™?Powder adds an elegant, silky smooth feel. Mikrokill™ COS ensures product integrity. One simple step for glowing skin!
Matte Foundation With CL-2080 KLF-079

Kobo Products Inc

This W/O foundation features Kobo's Volatile Non-D5, FAND, Pigmentary Dispersions. DM2F40T7 is a Volatile Non-D5 Attenuation grade TiO2 Dispersion and is used for SPF. Kobo's Lucentite SAN-P gives body and thickening to the oil/silicone phase and Element14 PDMS 5-A gives slip during application. CL-2080 is a microsphere which gives slip during application and helps to give a matte finish when dry. SS4267 silicone resin enhances wear and adherence to the skin.
SPF Light BB Crème KLF-071

Kobo Products Inc

This Light Blemish Balm Creme foundation formula contains Kobo's Titanium Dioxide Dispersion TNP50T7 to help achieve SPF, while Kobo's FAS Pigmentary Dispersions aid in providing coverage. MSS-500W gives excellent application and soft focus. Glycospheres, Gs-GT and Gs-PPY aid in skin whitening, cell turnover and acne control. SF1202 gives playtime and helps with feel, while Element14 PDMS 5-A gives slip to the formula during application.
Powder Foundation With Flo-Beads SE-3107A KPP-022A

Kobo Products Inc

This pressed powder formulation contains Kobo's Magnesium Myristate-treated pigments and fillers. These treated products provide a great feel and even application, while improving the adherence of the pressed powder to the skin, resulting in long-wear. Zinc Myristate is used as a binder, and Flo-Beads SE-3107A (Softbeads A) are "super-soft" creating a uniquely soft, and creamy powder.
Organic Foundation


This tinted cream formulated with Microzest 25 plant pigments nourishes while slightly bronzing the skin so that the face simply glows with health. The association of Microzest 25 Lychee, Rose and Coconut brings a natural colour to the cream which embellish and unify the skin tone.
Tinted Cream


This day cream is the perfect start to the day! It nourishes while slightly bronzing the skin so that the face simply glows with health.

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