Sustained actives release using silica aerogel

Tokuyama Corporation of Japan has commercialized a spherical silica aerogel powder, Airlica, for cosmetics applications, which is characterized by its smooth texture derived from its spherical form produced by our proprietary technology.

Novel active illuminating the path to radiant skin

Chemyunion presents an in vitro study showing the action of a resurrection plant and green coffee active in reducing lipofuscin induced by ultraviolet radiation in human fibroblasts, acting as a detoxifying and protective agent. As a result of these differential mechanisms, the clinical study underscores the potential of the resurrection plant and green coffee active formulation in delivering remarkable skin brightening and pro-ageing effects

Nourishing sensitive skin for healthier appearance

Lubrizol describes a novel active ingredient for sensitive skin with anti-ageing benefits that mimics the advantages of a healthy anti- inflammatory diet within the skin. This novel active ingredient, a biotechnological extract isolated from thermal springs in Italy and enriched with nourishing minerals, effectively reduces skin inflammation, even in cases where an unhealthy diet exacerbates the condition

Universal skin-illuminating prebiotic molecule

Givaudan Active Beauty has developed an ingredient that features a skin and prebiotic mode of action that acts holistically on specific skin bacteria, targeting common pigmentation pathways to provide skin brightening and enhance skin radiance, whether the users are in Africa, Asia, Europe or elsewhere

Juniper berry extract for improved skin brightness

The global beauty trend is shifting from ‘skin whitening’, which depends on one's natural skin colour, to ‘skin brightening’, which is a borderless concept. Whiteness is defined as skin colour based on the amount of melanin, the black pigment produced by melanocytes.

Sophorolipid for creating mild facial cleansers

A longstanding staple in skin care routines, the humble facial cleanser has often been seen as the most basic step in cleansing regimens and overlooked by consumers as a step that can help to deliver benefits to the skin.

Benefits of solubilized azelaic acid on C. acnes

Vantage has developed a new form of azelaic acid in which the acid is presolubilized in a mild skin emollient. It has been shown that delivery of dissolved azelaic acid can show superior performance to suspended azelaic acid and can help to improve the inflammatory effects of topically applied salicylic acid

Empowering natural skin barrier function

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, in collaboration with the Infinity Institute in France, has discovered a new protein: LCE6A. LCE6A, part of the ‘Late Cornified Envelope’ protein family, is known to be essential for the mechanical resistance of the corneocytes in the stratum corneum

Novel oil-soluble bioactive for eye area care

Gattefossé has developed an original blend of lipophilic metabolites that offers cosmetic brands a versatile solution capable of addressing various signs of fatigue simultaneously

Stereoisomeric flavonoids from active plant cells

Naolys describes how certain active plant cells are highly reliable as bioactive ingredients to induce the right defensive mechanism against oxidative stress

Lysolecithin ingredient to restore sensitive skin

By industrialization of whole-cell enzyme technology, Nikko Chemicals has developed a multi-functionalized lecithin as a product with high naturality and sustainability. This ingredient can do multiple tasks to improve the skin barrier

Going face to face: skincare versus massage

CLR reveals the results of a study that compares the skin benefits of its natural upcycled active ingredient Cherimoya with a placebo plus facial massage.

Quorum sensing inhibition to restrain bacteria

Bacteria use a cell-to-cell communication system called quorum sensing (QS) to share information about cell density and adjust gene expression accordingly. This article explains BASF studies into how natural plant extracts are able to quench QS signals from P. aeruginosa and S. aureus. Then, it checked if their effect on QS was followed by a decrease in virulence, determined by both bacteria motility and lipase secretion

Facial lifting: mimicking microcurrent efficacy

Lubrizol Life Science has developed a novel peptide that is designed to emulate the skin benefits offered by microcurrent devices, specifically targeting upper facial lifting effects. In vitro, it has been demonstrated to activate the same biological functions as microcurrent stimulation: improving dermal contraction and muscle tone

Navigating the realm of intimate care products

In recent years, there has been a surge in the development of specialised products designed to maintain and support the wellbeing of women’s intimate areas. However, there is a lack of stringent regulations governing the intimate care niche. Yet we can transform the intimate care industry into a realm of safety, efficacy, and genuine care, as Albert Dashi of Sequential explains

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