Cleaning the skin: easier said than done

The well-established habit of using surfactant-based products to clean the skin has an undeniable destructive effect on our skin barrier. A novel natural solution is to use a particular rice starch that only removes what is on the skin and does not remove the precious skin lipids deeper in the stratum corneum, as Gobiotics explains

Nanocarrier delivery technology in cosmetics

Aneco describes the advantages of different preparation technologies in various types of cosmetics raw materials, providing new innovative technologies and better quality for product applications

Mānuka: unleashing New Zealand’s biodiversity

New Zealand’s indigenous Māori people has long revered the mānuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium) for its myriad medicinal properties. Here, Organic Bioactives presents a novel cosmetic active made using mānuka leaf extract, promising high-efficacy in skin, scalp, and hair care

in-cosmetics Asia 2023: What's trending in Asia

Ahead of this month’s in-cosmetics Asia 2023 trade show in Bangkok, Karen Yee of Azelis delves into the latest trends in the dynamic Asia personal care landscape. Backed by market research, the distributor has identified three core trends in the APAC region: ‘From perfect to zestful’, ‘Inner peace meets beauty’, and ‘Advanced efficacy demands’

Why biosurfactants are becoming key ingredients

Dominic Büning of Sasol Chemicals explains the challenges and opportunities of developing and commercializing multifunctional biosurfactants, which perform in various personal care applications, for a mass market adoption of technology

Neurocosmetics: Beauty and the brain

Cosmetic scientist Antonia Kostic and New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists adviser Giorgio Dell’Acqua co-author an article on why neurocosmetics, which are products with ingredients that activate the production of neuromediators or target their receptors in the skin, present the personal care industry with new and diverse avenues for preserving and enhancing skin health.

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