COVER STORY: Boosting astaxanthin benefits with phospholipids

Encapsulation of cosmetic active ingredients in skin-friendly particles potentiates their skin interaction and results in a superior and long-lasting cosmetic effect. PhytoSolve® Astaxanthin is an innovative natural product comprising a synergistic complex of the antioxidant astaxanthin (AXN) and natural phospholipids.

Liberating the relaxing power of watercress

Muscle contraction and cell signalling linked to wellness mediators share a common mineral-dependent regulation, so Silab has harnessed the mineral richness of the watercress plant to develop a natural relaxing active ingredient

Boosting NAD+ levels for skin longevity

Mibelle Biochemistry investigates the potential of sunflower sprout active, a product derived from organically grown sunflower sprouts, for promoting skin rejuvenation. In vitro and ex vivo studies have shown that sunflower sprouts can combat ageing processes by elevating NAD+ levels, enhancing DNA repair, improving mitochondrial function, and increasing collagen density

Senolytic science: plant extract for well-ageing

DSM-Firmenich reveals the findings of research that shows how a Epilobium fleischeri extract can selectively clear senescent cells – so-called ‘zombie’ cells - from the skin.

A perfect duo: bakuchiol and phospholipids

Lipoid Kosmetik demonstrates how a combination of bakuchiol and unsaturated phospholipids offers retinol-like activity with superior performance over bakuchiol formulations without phospholipids

Fermented bioactive for versatile anti-ageing

Bloomage Biotech has harnessed natural green fermentation methods to create ingredients that target multiple anti-ageing pathways to strengthen the barrier of the skin, providing protection against pollutants and UV radiation

Making sense of senses for anti-ageing cosmetics

While the demand of consumers for proof behind claims is higher than ever, cutting-edge methods are emerging with smart instrumental approach; opening the way to new skincare claims considering holistically all senses. Codif explains how, thanks to tribology, we are now able to study the benefits of anti-ageing strategy on the texture of the skin through its vibrations and the ‘song’ it emits

Anti-ageing skincare: learning from nature

Due to evolutionary flaws, we, as humans, are not equipped to age well. CLR has developed a cosmetic active ingredient harnessing decades of skin anti-ageing research by making use of postbiotics, i.e. lysates of probiotic bacteria for the benefit of the skin’s immune system. The ingredient represents the latest innovation of Bifida Ferment Lysate

Energizing the skin with phytoglycogen

Mibelle Biochemistry describes a new plant-based glycogen, isolated from a special non-GMO sweetcorn, which is chemically identical to glycogen stored in animal cells. In vitro, the phytoglycogen was able to stimulate ATP production and cell metabolism, resulting in increased hyaluronic acid and collagen production

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