Korean cosmetics manufacturer Kolmar has bolstered its North American subsidiary management ahead of a planned expansion in the United States early next year.


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Holistic approach for environment-sensitive skin

First suggested in 2005 by Dr. Christopher Wild of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the exposome is a concept used to describe environmental exposures that an individual encounters throughout life, and how these exposures impact the skin and overall health.

The new wave: how regulations are influencing hair care

­­­­CPL Aromas delves into the trends that are appearing on the market and how they are influencing the products making their way to the shelves.

Photo-adaptive, long-lasting UVA protection

Contrary to popular belief, sunburns and melanoma are not the only consequences of an unprotected long-term exposure to solar irradiation. Skin ageing, carcinomas and hyperpigmentation are some of the less-known evidences of sun-induced skin damage. Ironically, the former are caused by UVB rays that correspond to only 5% of the UV radiation that...

Tunable biosurfactants for global challenges

Surfactants are an essential component of a wide variety of formulations across personal care, home care, cosmetics, and industrial applications. They are prevalent in the personal care products we choose and even the packaged goods we eat.

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