Demand in Asia matching Europe

in-cosmetics Asia 2012 was a great success for Dr Straetmans with the company's expectations exceeded with their booth proving to be as crowded as it was for the European in-cosmetics in Barcelona.

Caring for sensitive skin

Lipotec introduced two peptides at in-cosmetics Asia which innovatively target sensitive skin. Delisens focuses on attenuating the feelings of discomfort in sensitive skin, such as itching, whereas Telangyn offers efficacy in improving facial redness, such as rosacea.

Innovative new formulations

This year Jan Dekker joined the IMCD Group which means they may now have the most exciting and comprehensive portfolio in the industry.

An Outlook on Sensory Enhancing Silicones for 2012

In April of last year, Basildon Chemicals was purchased by the rapidly growing KCC Corporation and is now a wholly owned subsidiary.

Multifunctional polymer for skin and sun care

Repair, protect and moisturise are the key consumer requirements in skin care. The components that help achieve these claims are often either monovalent or multivalent electrolytes, such as salts of alpha hydroxy acids, sodium pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (sodium PCA), phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid (PBSA), etc.

Effective UVA and UVB protection from TiO2 UV filter

T-80 from Sunjin is a patented1 TiO2 UV filter that enables formulators to use just one, physical TiO2 UV filter to develop broad spectrum sun care products that meet the EC Recommendations.

Refractive index modification of silicone polymers

Silicone compounds are becoming a commonly used raw material in many cosmetic products. They find applications where they provide properties that cannot be obtained from other less costly raw materials.

Modulator from fractions of vegetable unsaponifiables

Filagrinol is a clear liposoluble active ingredient, composed of fractions of vegetable unsaponifiables, modulating filaggrin production, and carrying out a specific epidermal moisturising action.

Natural oils protect hair from chemicals and colour loss

Globally, men and women are changing the colour of their hair more often than ever. The range of hair colours and shades has increased considerably and colour preferences vary widely across the globe.

Skin detoxifying peptide with enzymatic activity

Most cosmetic problems have their roots in skin cutaneous condition. The skin and more precisely, the stratum corneum that covers externally the whole cutaneous surface is our shelter against the external world.

Natural extract adds radiance via skin chromophores

Skin luminosity is an important attribute for giving skin its youthful glow. Luminosity is partially determined by the skin chromophores collagen and bilirubin. Bilirubin, a breakdown product of blood and heme, is one cause of dark circles around the eye. Until recently, it was unknown that plants produced bilirubin.

Ingredient stimulates hair growth

Mibelle Group Biochemistry presented AnaGain, an ingredient for hair care products that stimulates hair growth. AnaGain is based on an extract of pea sprouts.

Dr. Straetmans to launch two new ingredients

Dr. Straetmans GmbH will launch a natural deodorant active and W/O-emulsifier with unique skin feel, at in-cosmetics Asia 2012.

Biopolymer for hair styling and care applications

Asensa NFF 11 is a new biopolymer corn starch-based ingredient that Honeywell says sets a new standard in hair styling and other caring applications. It has been certified by the Natural Products Association in the United States and the European version the Asensa NFF 11E has been Ecocert certified.

Raising preservative efficacy via glycol replacement

Zemea1 bio-derived propanediol, manufactured by DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, can be used to replace petroleum based glycols such as propylene glycol (PG), butylene glycol (BG) or glycerin in cosmetic and personal care formulations.

The preservation of wet wipes

Wet wipes have become an increasingly popular item of everyday use in homes and workplaces. Although they were originally developed as personal care products, their success has led to the development of many products with household and industrial applications for cleaning, sanitising and polishing.

Gelling pearl improves oil-phase viscosity

Inspired by nature and designed from its environment-friendly philosophy, Brasca introduces Olifeel Pearls, a patented innovative non-hydrogenated natural oil-phase gelling agent that demonstrates stabilising properties for any oil-containing formula.

Modulator from fractions of vegetable unsaponifiables

Filagrinol is a clear liposoluble active ingredient, composed of fractions of vegetable unsaponifiables, modulating filaggrin production, and carrying out a specific epidermal moisturising action.

Sphingolipid promotes multilayer skin communication

Communication between the cells within a particular skin layer, but also across different skin layers and between different skin cell types is very important for the proper function of the skin.

Dark circles eraser for a fresh gaze

Fatigue, stress, overwork, UV exposure, heredity and skin ageing are all factors that can cause under-eye circles to emerge, dulling the appearance of the eye area.