Fermented ginseng offers new skin care efficacy

Ginseng has a long history of use by humans for its health-giving properties. In fact its Genus name, Panax, means ‘all heal’, and it has a reputation across the world for its ability to induce energy, vitality and boost the immune system. However in the centuries of its use, it has largely been taken as an oral medicine and not topically.

Natural shield against skin stresses

Greensea, Greentech’s sister company, has launched one of the most powerful antioxidant and free radical scavengers, Astaxanthin produced by microalgae.

Immediate skin mattifying

Along with shininess, imperfections are a main concern faced by people with oily/combination skin. Acne scars, blackheads and enlarged pores can lead to an uneven and unattractive appearance that usually requires the application of makeup.

A redensified and thicker epidermis in eight weeks

How to keep an ageless look while staying natural? One of the main beauty secrets is to keep the first shield of our body healthy and young: our epidermis. A young epidermis is dense, thick and its major components are continuously regenerated. This relatively fast process keeps those cells plump and results in youthful and healthy looking skin on the surface.

Active reduces wrinkles and illuminates tired skin

Australian kakadu plum extract, (Superox-C™ from Lucas Meyer Cosmetics) has been obtained through a proprietary process and shown to be a potent multifunctional active ingredient for global anti-ageing care. This unique ‘superfruit’ is inherently super rich in vitamin C and polyphenols with solid antioxidant activities.

Hyaluronic acid: history and future potential

In order to counteract the appearance of signs of ageing, like skin dryness, wrinkles, loss of tissue, sagging, one can use invasive procedures like injections of dermal fillers. Collagen injections used to be very popular during the 2000s but, mainly because of the origin of the collagen used, they have been replaced by hyaluronic acid injectables. They have quickly been gaining in popularity.

Multifunctional actives for oily skin and scalp disorders

Though the conventional hair care market is a mature one, there are still many opportunities to innovate and radicalise this sector. As the needs of consumers are becoming more complex, the corresponding products evolve towards more sophisticated and solution-oriented concepts by default. Just in the first of half of 2014, 72% of global hair care launched had a ‘beauty enhancing’ claim.

New surfactant launched

Croda launched Cithrol 10GTIS, an advanced surfactant for oil-based facial cleansing, during in-cosmetics 2015 in Barcelona.

Extremophile cells offer UV stress protection

The high Alpine plant Saponaria pumila is a survival specialist. It weathered the last ice age growing on ice-free mountain peaks, so-called nunataks exposed to constantly low temperatures and high levels of UV radiation.

Ester and triglyceride gels using alkyl dimethicone

The addition of structure to organic oils results in some unique aesthetics in cosmetic formulations. The organic oils that can be structures include triglycerides and esters. The structuring agent can simply increase viscosity and improve flow or provide rigid thixotropic gels. The most interesting cosmetic aesthetics occurs when structuring agents (also called gelling agents) are added to low viscosity esters and triglycerides that are dry on the skin.

Myrica fruit wax offers hair care benefits

Natural waxes are synthesised biochemically by numerous plants and animals. Plants secrete waxes into and on the surface of their cuticles as a way to control evaporation, wettability and hydration. As a result of climatic conditions, many plants in tropical regions also store waxes in membrane layers in the cuticula as an additional protection against evaporation of water.

Cell defence regenerator

Mibelle Biochemistry is introducing a biologically active hepta-peptide that stimulates the skin’s own self-defence mechanisms against oxidative stress at the cellular level.

HA turnover sustained

Optim Hyal has been designed by Sederma to stimulate hyaluronic acid neosynthesis and sustain its turnover. It restores the optimal level of hyaluronic acid in the skin to make it smooth, moisturised and supple as young skin.

Multicultural hair conditioning

Croda Europe Ltd launches a new conditioning agent, Crodazoquat MCC (MultiCultural Conditioning), designed to address the expanding market need for multicultural conditioning and damage repair for a diverse range of hair types.

Sensoriality and targeting regular sunscreen usage

Substantial progress has been made in the protection of skin from the sun since the first commercial sunscreen products were introduced in the 1930s.1 Erythema, primarily from UVB light (290 nm-320 nm), is the first negative consequence experienced as a result of excessive sun exposure.

Anti-blemish and hydrating effects

Naolys, the French company specialised in plant cell culture presents active plant cells with mattifying and hydrating activities from Chinese peony (Paeonia lactiflora).

Ester has spreadability

Lonza has recently launched a new Lonzest DC Emollient Ester that offers excellent spreadability on the skin and skin conditioning properties that will benefit personal care formulators.

Self-emulsifying waxes

At the SEPAWA Congress in Germany, KahlWax will be presenting the company’s self-emulsifying waxes which open up great new options for the cosmetics industry.

Texture and smoothness of stressed skin improved

Symrise launches SymVital AR, which is a 100% pure and natural ginger root extract. SymVital AR is proven to significantly improve the skin texture and smoothness of stressed skin, smoothing wrinkles and enhancing complexion regularity in three weeks. It also helps to reduce signs of sun damage in less than two weeks.

Colour protection preserves volume

Dow Corning has introduced an innovative silicone microemulsion that helps bring hair repair and colour protection benefits to shampoos without sacrificing hair volume.