Targeting PGC-1??expression to influence on lipid storage

Modelling body shape is a common concern for both women and men in modern society, and the amount of subcutaneous fat and its distribution greatly influences physical appearance.

Formulating with cyclomethicone replacements

There are a number of cosmetic applications in which a dry skin-feel after product application is important. Typically, cyclomethicone (D4 and D5) compounds are used in cosmetic products to provide a solvent that feels dry on the skin.

Sun care in Western Europe – an overview

Suntanned skin remains a look that is sought after by consumers in most European countries due to a perception that this offers a healthier appearance.

Peptides build a 3D regenerative matrix

One of the main effects of ageing on skin is the reduction on its ability to selfregenerate and create new extracellular matrix (ECM). This has an impact on the production of key structural proteins, such as collagen, but also on proteoglicans, which play a role on cellular signalling.

Moisturising effect of orange blossom extract

Marketing claims about hydrating the skin are among the oldest labels, featured on cosmetic products. In today’s modern society many women start to take care of their skin and in particular of its hydration, even before worry wrinkles and signs of ageing occur.

A consistent message via odour, shape and colour

Emotion is the key to any appreciation of the senses, particularly organoleptic and visual. For example we have all experienced a different degree of appreciation of the same piece of art, music or food, depending on our state of mind at the time.

Wash and light fastness: analytical methods outlined

Quantifying the performance of hair colorants is essential in developing new products and confirming claims made about their properties. This article describes an approach that can be used not only to compare hair dye colour but also allow the response of colorants to washing and exposure to light.

Natural deodorant

New from Cosmetochem International AG, usNeo, a naturally effective deodorant and antibacterial active addresses the growing trend for effective, plant-based actives.

Encapsulated salicylic acid for acne treatment

SalSphere Salicylic Acid 30 is an innovative proprietary sub-micron spheres technology that has been proven to be a significant advancement in acne treatment.

DHA solution to mask self tan odour

People are much more aware of the dangers and ageing effects of too much sun. But this still does not dissuade us from wanting a golden glow to make us feel healthier and look slimmer.

Ingredients focus: a concise look at new products

‘Miracle worker’ for immediate soft focus, wrinkle correction, and sensory feel Grant Industries More and more women are looking for the immediate results of “Botox” without the necessary doctor visits and medical procedures.

New alternatives to cosmetics preservation

In recent years, there has been considerable interest in the development of preservative-free or self-preserving cosmetics. The aim of our work was to develop new cosmetic formulations by replacing chemical preservatives with ingredients with antimicrobial properties that are not legislated as preservatives according to Annex VI of Commission Directive 76/768/EEC.

Anti-ageing efficacy of vitamin C and E nano capsule

Ascorbyl 2-phosphate tocopherol (APT) is a free radical scavenger synthesised by connecting vitamin E with vitamin C (ascorbic acid [AA]) through a phosphate linkage.

Biomimetic ingredient offers formulation benefits

The hydrolipidic film covers the surface of the skin and actively contributes to the skin surface smoothness and the skin barrier function. We have developed a biomimetic ingredient of the hydrolipidic film as per its fatty acid profile.

A natural effective solution for scalp and hair health

People want their hair to be beautiful and lustrous as it plays a key role in enhancing one’s overall appearance. Healthy-looking hair is mainly influenced by the scalp health itself.

Novel post-synaptic strategy against expression lines

In modern society, wrinkles are a matter of major concern as our faces are our calling card. Since a healthy young appearance is a sign of success, the beauty industry is constantly researching new cosmetic anti-ageing solutions. Wrinkles, as a sign of cutaneous ageing, may cause cosmetic disability and psychological distress.

Brightening effect caused by control of free radicals

Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation generates reactive oxygen species, which can have a series of biological effects on human skin cells, resulting in cosmetic skin damage such as pigmentation.

Sunscreen testing: ISO implications for ASEAN

The objective of producing harmonised test methods for sunscreen products is now well advanced. In November 2010, the first document – ISO 244441 was published. ISO 244422 – related to UVA in vivo testing (PPD) has been finalised and is due for publication soon.

An overview of natural preservatives

Microbial contamination of cosmetic products is a matter of great importance to the industry and it can become a major cause of both product and economic losses. Moreover, the contamination of cosmetics can result in their being converted into products hazardous for consumers.

Natural ingredient complex evens and lightens skin

One of the strongest trends driving the global skin care market today is skin whitening, lightening and evening of the skin tone. Ever current, this trend dates back as far back as ancient China and Japan, and does not fade with time. To this day whiter, flawless skin complexion is associated with health, nobility, purity and younger perception of age.