Water-based nail polish innovation

Syntran PC5620 is an aqueous acrylic polymer dispersion specifically designed for the formulation of water-based nail polishes. When properly formulated this polymer exhibits very interesting properties such as quick dry time, high gloss, excellent adhesion, durability and wear properties.

A modern, multifunctional anti-dandruff agent

The demand for natural ingredients remains on the increase. Being a challenge for raw material suppliers it is a consequence of the market trends in major cosmetic markets worldwide.

Bio-based propanediol boosts preservative efficacy

Zemea1 bio-derived propanediol, manufactured by DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, can be used to replace petroleum based glycols such as propylene glycol (PG), butylene glycol (BG) or glycerin in cosmetic and personal care formulations.

A natural active from the sea

Highly Polymerised DeoxyRibonucleotide (HPDR) or DNA is a molecule well known to biologists since the fundamental works of Watson and Crick and continues to attract a lot of attention.

Instant anti-wrinkle effect of a marine exopolysaccharide

Skin ageing is a complex phenomenon involving two simultaneously occurring processes: intrinsic ageing, known as chronological ageing, which is genetically determined, and extrinsic ageing which is due to environmental factors such as chronic sun exposure, known as photoageing.

Fullerene: topical application for acne treatment

Acne vulgaris is a common dermatological disease with a multifactorial etiology. There has been an increasing focus on the role of oxidative stress in the pathophysiology of acne in recent years.

Restructuring extra cellular matrix to reduce wrinkles

With age, negative expressions have a tendency to become set as the skin loses its elasticity, and positive expressions lose their structure as the skin starts to sag. While crow’s feet are considered as being smile wrinkles, forehead lines on the other hand harden the gaze.

Evaluating hydrophobins for emulsion stabilisation

In the last few years an increased consumer demand for natural ingredients in cosmetic products has been continuously developed. Consequently the cosmetic industry launched a lot of products containing substances with a biological background, like palm oil or hyaluronic acid, on the market.

Advantages of jojoba esters in nonwovens

Small, vehicle controlled, clinical studies were carried out to explore the benefits associated with incorporating Floraesters K-100 Jojoba [INCI: Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters (and) Jojoba Esters (and) Water (aqua)] and Floraesters K-20W Jojoba [INCI: Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters (and) Water (aqua)] into various nonwoven wipe solutions.

Analysing a new generation of liposomes

When liposomes about 25 years ago first came on the market, they were initially an innovative ‘magic ball’ and a new argument for marketing. Later it was shown that they also worked cosmetically as an effective moisturising factor (Capture by Christian Dior).

Effects of pomegranate flower complex on the skin

The balance between collagen breakdown and collagen synthesis plays a crucial role in the extrinsic and intrinsic process of skin ageing. Environmental factors acting on the skin and genetically-determined processes cause an increase in collagen breakdown and at the same time a reduction in the synthesis of new collagen, which results in the increased appearance of wrinkles.

Taking days out of the production cycle

Amway is a 52-year-old company, headquartered in Ada, Michigan, with more than 14,000 global employees in more than 80 countries and territories, and 3 million distributors worldwide.

Meeting UVA requirements in multifunctional products

While UV protection is obviously the most important feature of sunscreens, increasing numbers of hybrid products are now presenting sun protection alongside skin care and even colour cosmetic claims. This is due in part to growing consumer awareness that sun exposure is not limited to beach holidays; it is the episodic, everyday exposures to the sun over years which put both the skin’s health and its appearance at risk.

Basildon Chemicals exhibited at SCS Formulate 2011

In April 2011, Basildon Chemicals was purchased by the KCC Corporation of Korea. This creates a partnership which opens up new opportunities for both companies.

A highly moisturising active from tamarind seed

Xilogel is a Tamarindus indica polysaccharide endowed with remarkable filming and hydrating properties. It has been extremely well characterised as a branched high molecular weight (ca 650,000 Da) xyloglucan, capable of forming viscous gels with an excellent sensory feeling.

Rice meristem cultures rejuvenate skin

Growing red rice meristem cultures in bioreactors is a sustainable process that reduces residual biomass waste, but the benefits of this technology are not limited to environmental impact.

Targeting PGC-1??expression to influence on lipid storage

Modelling body shape is a common concern for both women and men in modern society, and the amount of subcutaneous fat and its distribution greatly influences physical appearance.

Formulating with cyclomethicone replacements

There are a number of cosmetic applications in which a dry skin-feel after product application is important. Typically, cyclomethicone (D4 and D5) compounds are used in cosmetic products to provide a solvent that feels dry on the skin.

Sun care in Western Europe – an overview

Suntanned skin remains a look that is sought after by consumers in most European countries due to a perception that this offers a healthier appearance.

Peptides build a 3D regenerative matrix

One of the main effects of ageing on skin is the reduction on its ability to selfregenerate and create new extracellular matrix (ECM). This has an impact on the production of key structural proteins, such as collagen, but also on proteoglicans, which play a role on cellular signalling.