Bio-based polymer for natural formulations

Clariant has announced the development of a new bio-based polymer for cosmetic creams and lotions, which is derived from renewable isobutene.

New 100% pure sweet almond oil

Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredients Division has recently introduced a 100 per cent pure sweet almond oil to the beauty market.

New test confirms efficacy in men

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, able to reflect not only outer but also inner beauty. The eyes are also one of the first areas where age-related signs and tiredness become noticeable, with the appearance of eyebags and dark circles.

A colourful beauty routine for healthy skin

A healthy life in harmony with the planet has become an essential goal in our time. Just as we are aware of the impact our consumption habits have on the planet, we also seek that the products we consume be safe and healthy and have a positive effect on our body.

DSM's latest skin bioactive addresses dual concerns

Skin is a living organ with ever-changing and sometimes conflicting needs. To meet the expectations of today's consumers, skin care products must harness the skin’s own synergies, respond flexibly to daily changes in skin and move beyond the dichotomy of oily vs. dry, for example. Dual action products offer a host of options to meet these expectations, the duality claim must be logical, credible, and substantiated.

Advanced solutions for antipollution

Givaudan Active Beauty will engage your senses with its innovative launches crafting from the expertise and the creativity of the team allowing you to be fascinated.

Active cells from Poet’s narcissus for a brightening effect

At in-cosmetics Korea 2017, Naolys, the French company specialised in plant cell culture, will present its active plant cells with a brightening activity from the Poet’s narcissus (Narcissus poeticus). Inside Light Poet’s narcissus are whole plant cells that regulate the melanin production at different levels, therefore limit the skin pigmentation.

A full range of hair dyes

Vivimed specialises in the development, manufacture and supply of the well-known range of Jarocol® hair dye intermediates. Vivimed offers a full range of hair dyes for use in permanent, semi-permanent and temporarily hair colourant formulations.

Mature skin care and new marine concept

Lipotec presents its latest peptide for improving the appearance of mature skin through cellular reprogramming and a selection of active ingredients of marine origin presented under a new concept.

An interactive solution to harmful urban pollution

SILAB proposes Mitokinyl®, a patented anti-pollution natural active ingredient. Rich in glucomannans from the yeast Pichia heedii, Mitokinyl® protects fragile skins against urban stresses.

Croda Excite with Hair Care Products

Croda highlighted a number of exciting new product and data launches for the hair care market sector at SCS Formulate. These launches included Croda Plex bond building actives that restore integrity to bleached hair, noticeably thicker hair imparted by Kerestore™ 2.0 and new conditioning data for KeraDyn™ HH.

Ginger active cells for a skin restructuration

At SCS Formulate, Naolys, the French company specialised in plant cell culture, launched a new product made with ginger active plant cells that will help to refine skin structure at the level of pores and will improve skin complexion: Refine Ginger.

New range of botanical extracts

Statfold has announced that the company now produces botanical extracts. Statfold offers a wide arrange of extracts from stock which include super fruits, herbs and flowers; most of which can be supplied with Cosmos and Organic certification.

Moisturise with mildness

Galaxy Surfactants announces the North American launch of a new line of mild surfactants consisting of six products, making this one of the largest portfolios of mild surfactants available in North America.

A 100% natural, high performing hair fixative polymer

Natural product claims in personal care launches are growing, with consumers continuing to be interested in green issues and aspiring to live healthier lifestyles.

In vitro sensitisation assay approved for validation

SenzaGen’s test Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection (GARD) has been reviewed by all OECD WNT (The Working Group of the National Coordinators of the Test Guidelines Programme (WNT)) task force members and has been included in the Test Guideline Programme.

New botanical extract and floral water range

At NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2016 the plant extraction expert Berkem unveiled its botanical extracts and floral waters range: Botanykem.

Distribution partnership for Europe and Russia

Barentz International and Innospec have signed a long-term distribution agreement to market ingredients for Personal & Home Care. The agreement encompasses, among others, the business in Russia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Benelux.

Flexible film-formers stand up to intense visual culture

In the world of visual culture today, looking good at all times has become mandatory among consumers. With social media, ‘selfies’ and smartphone features like FaceTime, the digital age has created the obsession to look camera ready for any occasion—at any time. This desire for ‘pixel perfect’ and professional results has required cosmetic products of all kinds to provide exceptional performance.

Modified baker’s yeast cell wall active rebalances skin

The high prevalence of allergies, for example skin eczema, in the industrialised world can be explained by an unbalanced immune system because the defence reaction against allergens involves overactivation of the T helper cell Th2 pathway.