Texture and functionality of natural emulsifiers

Emulsion formulations are a fundamental product type which can be adapted to numerous cosmetic applications, from skin care to makeup, hair care and personal washing.

Stem cell activation for smoother and more even skin

The skin forms a barrier that protects us against dehydration and external threats. This barrier function is provided mainly by the outer skin layer, called the epidermis. This layer is constantly renewed; cells that are shed from the outer layer, the stratum corneum, are replaced by newly formed cells from the inner layer of the epidermis.

Innovative plant cell complex launched

At in-cosmetics 2013, Naolys (booth M134), the French company specialised in plant cell culture, will launch an innovative plant cell complex Power Extension [HSB+R] made of a native cell of Hibiscus Syriacus ‘Blue bird’, containing not only its own active molecules but also a natural rutin molecule to get a greater activity.

Sustainable technology for natural efficacy

As precious sources of biologically active substances, plants have been widely cultivated both in open field and greenhouses with large amounts of natural resources and solvents for their extraction and purification.

Two surfactant blends to be launched

Innospec are pleased to announce the launch of two exciting new surfactant blends, Iselux Baby for ultra-mild no tears, no irritation cleansing and Iselux SLC for structured liquids with high levels of oils without compromising foam.

Nature-inspired protection for formulations

Half natural, half nature-identical, sensiva PA 30 is the perfect protection for your formulation.

Natural thickener and cold emulsifier launched

Dr.Straetmans launched two new products at in-cosmetics in Paris.

In praise of water

This year IMCD’s in-cosmetics appearance will be clearly different!

New brand identity launched

The KCC Corporation announced the launch of KCC Beauty: the new brand and identity for the products and technology currently marketed by KCC Silicones and Basildon Chemicals.

The easy way to make permanent hair colour

Vivimed has announced three new additions to the Jarocol range.

New cold emulsion technology

Jeen International (stand R37) is launching at in-cosmetics Europe this year their patented, breakthrough Jeesperse ICE-T instant cold emulsion technology.

Multifunctional and skin care launches

ProSynergen DF, Lonza Personal Care’s newest ingredient, addresses the concerns of compromised skin. This powerful active results from the fermentation of two microbes grown simultaneously, creating a competitive environment for survival.

Normalising skin surface microflora

Ashland Care Specialties, a business unit of Ashland Specialty Ingredients, has announced the launch Skin’s Ecology, an initiative in support of new products that help normalise microflora on the surface of skin.

New hair care ingredients

Soliance will be revealing new ingredients for hair care at in-cosmetics 2013: Glossyliance, the ‘ultimate’ shine ingredient; Sophogreen, the green solubiliser and Appygreen 812, the sustainable surfactant.

Lingonberry boosts hydration with anti-ageing benefits

Lingonberry seed oil produced via supercritical CO2-extraction is exceptionally high in essential -linolenic (18:3n-3) and linoleic (18:2n-6) acids, and in -tocotrienol with strong antioxidant activity.

Purified water discussed at Making Cosmetics

Making Cosmetics is becoming a key event in ELGA Process Water’s exhibition calendar and this year visitors were given a valuable insight into the importance of purified water in cosmetic manufacture.

Water solutions provider generates interest at show

Envirogen Water Technologies enjoyed much interest at the Making Cosmetics show held in March this year.

Ingredient stimulates hair growth and fights hair loss

AnaGain is based on an extract of pea sprouts. Many health benefits are attributed to pulses, including peas. Pulses belong to the family of fabaceae and are thus rich in isoflavones, a class of polyphenolic secondary plant metabolites. Isoflavones are known to act as phytoestrogens or to exert antioxidant activity.

Disinfection specialist showcases ranges at Making Cosmetics

Schulke are specialists in the disinfection of production areas in cosmetic and other hygienically sensitive environments, and at Making Cosmetics the company showcased its specialist perform disinfectant and arcana cleaner range.

Infection control specialist at Making Cosmetics

schülke has been a leading force in infection control for over 124 years, and the company philosophy is centred on one concept: hygiene.