Celebrating 30 years of innovation

in-cosmetics Global returns to Barcelona for its 30th birthday. Growth in the beauty and personal care industry reached a decade high last year and is set to continue unabated, according to Euromonitor

Balancing scientific integrity with consumer trends

The SCC’s 73rd Annual Scientific Meeting and Technology Showcase took place on December 17-18 at the Sheraton New York Times Square. This time of year sees the city at its best and most theatrical; a welcome opportunity for the cosmetics industry to get inspiration for glittering new concepts.

The future of bio-based polymers for hair care

It is no secret that the personal care industry is one of frequent change, largely due to shifts in consumer behaviour and trends; specifically, the hair styling market has evolved significantly in recent years. Gone are the days of elaborate styles, requiring hard holding products to lock in the look that took several hours to create. There is now a rise in taking a much more minimalistic approach to hair styling.

The importance of marine sustainability

While sustainability in general has been a big focus for the personal care industry of late, perhaps the greatest surge has been with marine sustainability. We have become more aware of the extremely fragile ecosystems present in this environment and the impact industry has on them.

The measurable facts about skin colour

For more than 100 years, science has used various measures to classify humans into skin types, based on colour. History of these classifications is discussed - how they have been used and relied upon for not only placing humans in colour boxes, but also for decision making in clinical studies.

Lightening and moisturising efficacy from Stellaria media

Sunlight, artificial UV, pollution and stresses are all important factors that contribute to the inducement of skin pigmentation and skin dryness. Keratinocytes stressed by various stimuli send warning signals to melanocytes to protect skin cells, and despite protective mechanisms, this triggers melanogenesis and damages the skin’s natural barrier.

Autophagy as a new strategy to reduce pigmentation

Regulation of skin function and preservation of skin health are major targets in cosmetics. To achieve these goals, several strategies have been used i.e. activating cell signalling pathways, acting on epigenetic regulations, physically blocking external stresses... Among them, regulating autophagy appears a promising one.

New melanobreaker strategy for skin whitening

Science and new technology have made molecular data accessible and it is thanks to this informational context that we are able to identify the main players involved in the skin pigmentation process.

New Sustainability Zone takes centre stage

Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi), one of China’s leading sourcing platforms for the global personal care industry, has revealed key highlights that will feature prominently at the next edition of the event, which will be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC) in China from 26-28 February 2020.

Leading global suppliers gather in Bangkok

The 2019 in-cosmetics Asia came to a conclusion on 7 November after three days of discovery, innovation and networking at the BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand.

Trends and innovations in APAC’s hair care market

In a saturated global hair care market, companies and brands are striving to stand out by continually innovating—from overnight treatments, UV protection formulas, sensorial concepts using colour or sound, to products that bring greater convenience and those catering to the eco/natural movement.

Pollution protection from Rosmarinus officinalis

Air pollution undoubtedly harms the environment and human health. Pollution induced skin damage has only recently been addressed as reports have associated urban living with accelerated skin ageing.1

How can you deliver better hair styling products?

Consumers are intentional and personally invested in their hair care products. They expect outstanding sensorial results with reliable, long-lasting performance, and still demand affordability, convenience and multi-functionality for their daily routine.

Sustainable power food for you skin

A healthy lifestyle paired with an increasing awareness of the need for sustainable and responsible consumption of resources form part of the outlook of today’s consumers. They are in the know about health and ecological aspects of their nutrition and they place their trust in cosmetics that recalibrate skin processes in a way that the skin can help itself

Sweet almond oil and the future of ‘Clean Beauty’

Rising consumer awareness about the origin and purity of health and beauty care products has given way to the ‘clean beauty’ movement, one that prioritises natural, organic and plant-based ingredients and places a new emphasis on transparency in ingredient sourcing.

A melanin booster for healthy skin

For most people, a sun tan is a synonym of health and beauty. It has not been always like that, however. Since ancient times the idea of human beauty was a snow-white complexion.

Devices, data and formulations to conquer your environment

In 2019, we are now aware that eating well and exercising regularly are good for us and, in turn, for the condition of our skin.

Educating consumers on the benefits of silicones

Silicones have been one of the most widely used ingredients in the personal care industry, providing essential qualities to products for over 50 years.

Ingredients focus: the latest silicones

We sometimes forget how powerful our sense of touch is and how much information we glean from it. In an instant we determine temperature, viscosity, greasiness, and then match those sensory qualities to our own hierarchy of preferences.

Innovation through formulation: sea ingredients

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