Sophorolipid for creating mild facial cleansers

A longstanding staple in skin care routines, the humble facial cleanser has often been seen as the most basic step in cleansing regimens and overlooked by consumers as a step that can help to deliver benefits to the skin.

Novel Alteromonas for tackling wrinkles

LipoTrue describes a marine ingredient derived from a newly identified Alteromonas species (Alteromonas lipotrueae) that relaxes expression wrinkles acting along the three steps of neuromuscular communication

Senolytic science: plant extract for well-ageing

DSM-Firmenich reveals the findings of research that shows how a Epilobium fleischeri extract can selectively clear senescent cells – so-called ‘zombie’ cells - from the skin.

A global consumer journey in scalp care

Rahn describes an active ingredient that targets a disbalanced scalp microbiota, an oily and sensitive scalp, providing relief from scalp discomfort

Benefits of solubilized azelaic acid on C. acnes

Vantage has developed a new form of azelaic acid in which the acid is presolubilized in a mild skin emollient. It has been shown that delivery of dissolved azelaic acid can show superior performance to suspended azelaic acid and can help to improve the inflammatory effects of topically applied salicylic acid

Empowering natural skin barrier function

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, in collaboration with the Infinity Institute in France, has discovered a new protein: LCE6A. LCE6A, part of the ‘Late Cornified Envelope’ protein family, is known to be essential for the mechanical resistance of the corneocytes in the stratum corneum

Novel oil-soluble bioactive for eye area care

Gattefossé has developed an original blend of lipophilic metabolites that offers cosmetic brands a versatile solution capable of addressing various signs of fatigue simultaneously

Stereoisomeric flavonoids from active plant cells

Naolys describes how certain active plant cells are highly reliable as bioactive ingredients to induce the right defensive mechanism against oxidative stress

A perfect duo: bakuchiol and phospholipids

Lipoid Kosmetik demonstrates how a combination of bakuchiol and unsaturated phospholipids offers retinol-like activity with superior performance over bakuchiol formulations without phospholipids

Multi-omic skin protection with an ecosystem active

Provital takes the wraps off Triplobiome, a biotech platform that uses plant endophytes to produce new natural active ingredients. Shiloxome, the first ingredient developed from this platform, brings together age-defying benefits while protecting the skin

In vitro testing - not 
just for product claims

In vitro methods cannot capture all complexities in the body that occur during in vivo tests. Nevertheless, they are an indispensable part of the evaluation process of product effects on the skin. The various in vitro measurement methods are on the rise and will become increasingly important in the future, as Courage + Khazaka explains

Lysolecithin ingredient to restore sensitive skin

By industrialization of whole-cell enzyme technology, Nikko Chemicals has developed a multi-functionalized lecithin as a product with high naturality and sustainability. This ingredient can do multiple tasks to improve the skin barrier

Replacing synthetics naturally and effectively

Replacement of synthetic ingredients with natural ingredients is not as simple as removal of each material one by one and substituting it, as Alchemy Ingredients explains in depth

Successful scale-up: foolproof your formula

Orean head of process chemistry Sarah Lucas Marsden explains the key principles for a successful scaling up of formulations from lab to shelf.

Formulation advantages of transparent oil thickening

Berg + Schmidt describes a new ingredient for natural and globally approved oil gels, transforming textures and new playful concepts

Preventing skin cancer: new technologies needed?

UK startup Kutanios explains why new sun care ingredients that offer better protection from the effects of UV light, and are non- absorbable, more stable and eco-friendly would be welcome additions to the personal care sector

Going face to face: skincare versus massage

CLR reveals the results of a study that compares the skin benefits of its natural upcycled active ingredient Cherimoya with a placebo plus facial massage.

Taking scientific inspiration, innovation to new heights

NYSCC Suppliers’ Day 2024 preview: Taking place on 1-2 May in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre in Manhattan, this year’s NYSCC Suppliers’ Day will be the biggest edition to date in its 45-year history.

INTERVIEW: Putting on a show

Ahead of in-cosmetics Global in Paris this month, editor Tim Probert talks to event director Roziani Zulkifli about what it takes to oversee the world’s leading personal care ingredient trade show

COVER STORY: Innovating for the future, responsibly

For a century Ashland has been adapting, ahead of the curve, with breakthrough innovations that shape markets and enable customers to solve their most complex challenges.

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