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Abich offers research and analytical services, supported with innovative technologies, for cosmeticspersonal care and natural health industries.

Our goal is to assist our clients during the product’s complete life cycle, from the starting formulation to market release, improving its competitiveness through a high quality profile and compliance to regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.

Abich has clinical division, cell biology, microbiology and analytical chemistry divisions. Each of which can perform highly specialized tests or collaborate with the others for wide-range, complex analyses.

Abich internally developed a clinical division specifically dedicated to perform safety tests and tolerability and efficacy assays on healthy volunteers.

Abich’s laboratories use state-of-the-art techniques and instruments to provide a wide range of analyses and services in the cell biology, analytical chemistry, and microbiology fields.





Abich’s cell biology laboratory developed many in-vitro safety tests as an alternative to animal testing, in line with OECD’s guidelines, using specific cell lines and advanced models such as in-vitro reconstructed human tissues.

Abich can also provide a wide range of efficacy tests to support and integrate the research and development of cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, aromas, supplements, food, and detergents, both through cellular and molecular techniques and the measurement of physical parameters.



Over the years, the analytical chemistry laboratory has developed specific analytical procedures and protocols for the quality control of raw ingredients and finished products. In addition, it can provide an accurate analysis thanks to advanced systems such as HPLC, Ultra-HPLC, GC-MS, and ICP-OES.

The microbiology laboratory provides services for the quantification, research, and identification of specific microorganisms, as well as challenge tests, assessment analysis of the antibacterial activity, and mutagenesis testing.





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