Harnessing the power of upcycled waste

Clariant explains how it develops ingredients sourced from upcycled processes with a wide variety of benefits for people and planet

Active ingredient for smiling beauty

Roelmi HPC has developed an active ingredient from enzymatic technology that fights low cellular energy levels and recharges the skin’s natural ecosystem to leave it looking younger and more radiant

Dermohacking senescence with a lab-grown active

Provital has developed an Althaea rosea (hollyhock) flower stem cell active with proven ability to selectively eliminate skin cellular senescence

Hydrophilic peptide for preserving beauty

Lubrizol explains how its hydrophilic peptide can prevent the emergence of expression wrinkles that might appear in the future, without negatively affecting facial expressions

Skin pH assessment for sensitive skin claims

Courage + Khazaka looks at how to achieve effective a detailed overview of the exact state of the skin

Biotics as game-changer for healthy skin ageing

BASF explores two new biotic active ingredients derived from the Lactobacillus crispatus bacterium

Natural emulsifier for a sensitive skin shield

Gattefossé has developed a natural O/W emulsifier that shields external aggressions and soothes the most sensitive skin

The significance of sustainable supply chains

Chemical Business Association on why sustainable supply chains are not only good for the planet and people, but also support profitable operations

Why multifunctionals should be on your radar

Oleon extols the benefits of using cosmetics and personal care ingredients that impart different benefits in different formulations

Novel plant growth factor as cosmetic ingredient

Vitamin C60 BioResearch has developed a plant-based active found to increase stratum corneum water content, decrease TEWL and increase skin lightness

Pumpkin seed extract to boost skin energy

Rahn describes the secret of how a Cucurbita pepo (pumpkin seed) extract in its new active can energise keratinocytes in skin

Bitter is better: new way to soothe sensitive skin

​Lipoid Kosmetik has combined bitter andrographolide from Andrographis paniculata leaves and sweet glycyrrhetinic acid from Glycyrrhiza glabra roots to reduce inflammatory responses

Marine saccharides: recovering ageing skin

Microalgae Solutions describes the richness and diversity of marine saccharides obtained by a novel patented blue biotechnology

Upcycled active for hair greying prevention

Mibelle Biochemistry explains its anti-hair greying essence that stimulates melanin synthesis and protects melanocytes from stress-induced malfunction

Food-upcycled emulsifiers for clean beauty

In response to the latest trends where sustainability, ethics and cleanliness concepts merge, Kalichem has developed a range of food-upcycled emulsifiers

Radiance unleashed with hectorite tech

Elementis has launched a hectorite skin glow gel offering a proprietary and unique blend of well-known skin care actives with proven benefits

Tackling conspicuous pores from start to finish

CLR explains its new ingredient designed to reduce the visibility of the pores on their face with a milder solution than traditional methods

Suppliers’ Day: reimagining renewal and wellness

A look ahead to the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists’ Suppliers’ Day, which takes place on 2-3 May in New York City

Interview: Making your own

Formula Botanica CEO Lorraine Dallmeier talks the latest industry trends, her courses and gives tips for prospective formulators

Novel cosmetic ingredient for oral hygiene

Symrise has developed a liquid blend combination of phenylpropanol, o-cymen-5-ol, and decylene glycol is a modern cosmetic hygiene ingredient that provides significant antimicrobial efficacy for oral care products

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