Chickpea flour as a natural ingredient for skincare

Dr. Ankita Chavan, an Ayurvedic consultant of the Ayusparsh Clinic in the Indian city of Gandhinagar in Gujarat, details a study that assessed the dermatological qualities of a chickpea flour paste

Emulsifiers in personal care: Where do they stand?

Dwiti Gaggar, associate consultant of strategic research and consulting chemical experts ChemBizR, takes an in-depth look at emulsifiers in personal care products.

Biodegradable RM with synthetic performance

Clariant has used its expertise in rheology modifiers and innovate to create ingredients that thicken formulations according to consumer needs without compromising on biodegradability. The Swiss firm’s Aristoflex Eco T is a new class of readily biodegradable modified biopolymer with thickening abilities comparable to a synthetic polymer

Making sense of the skin–brain connection

CLR discusses the role of CB2 (Cannabinoid Receptor Type 2) in skin health and how it is feasible to have a true ‘neurocosmetic’ effect when the possibility exists for a cosmetic active ingredient to act as an agonist to CB2 on the outermost skin cells, the keratinocytes. The German firm has developed a cherimoya-based active to achieve this

Next-gen moisturizer targeting the holobiont

French speciality chemicals maker Greentech has developed a COSMOS-certified organic upcycled active ingredient obtained from a double extraction of organic wild yellow gentian roots and enhanced by fermentation with S. faeni. It has been found to boost HA synthesis and protection against free radicals’ degradation, both in the epidermis and the dermis

Suppliers’ Day 2023: NYSCC in full effect

Editor Tim Probert takes a look back at this year’s NYSCC Suppliers’ Day, which attracted 10,362 registrants from 73 countries and 546 exhibiting companies covering around 100,000 net square feet of expo space. With travel restrictions fully lifted and a welcome return of many more Asian visitors than last year, the 2023 edition was busy, buzzy and bustling

Interview: Preserving the future

Earlier this year, Sharon Laboratories became Sharon Personal Care after expanding its technology base and formulation capabilities with the acquisition of RES Pharma and the cosmetic ingredient and R&D units of B&C. CEO Naama Eylon talks about the Israeli firm’s corporate strategy with editor Tim Probert

COVER STORY: LIPOID Liposome C Eco: innovative natural product

Encapsulation of cosmetic active ingredients in skin-friendly particles potentiates their skin interaction and results in a superior and long-lasting cosmetic effect. LIPOID Liposome C Eco is an innovative natural product containing ascorbyl glucoside (2-O-alphaD-glucopyranosyl-L-ascorbic acid), a derivative of Vitamin C.

Formulating with UVA protection in mind

Signs of photoageing, such as lines and wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation are both known to be caused mainly by UVA radiation. To bring maximum flexibility to formulators in meeting both regulatory stipulations and consumer needs, DSM has introduced a new UVA filter to its portfolia

Naturally derived film former for water resistance

In recent years, the concern about the film former impacting the environment has pushed the personal care industry for natural water resistance. Bis-octyldodecyl Dimer Dilinoleate/ Propanediol Copolymer (BODP) is a naturally derived film former utilized in inorganic sunscreen formulations to provide water resistance

Rethinking oxidation protection in cosmetics

Adapted to the needs of the formulator, armed with new technical capabilities, and with consumer demands in mind, Evonik has developed a unique method for testing oxidation stability. The method measures the oxygen consumption of the formulation without destroying it and captures the entire oxidation process under standardized, real product conditions

Protecting skin against air pollution with ahiflower

Natures Crops International explores the benefits of ahiflower oil and suggests it has a perhaps uniquely adaptive role in protecting skin cells in topical applications from myriad effects of air pollution, while offering complementary dietary support options

Seven steps for formulating on a budget

With many consumers of cosmetics facing issues related to the cost of living, British distributor Aston Chemicals explains why reducing the cost of formulations is best tackled in a holistic way by analysing the whole development and manufacturing process to identify areas of potential cost saving

Photoprotecting skin microbiota against ageing

Spanish firm Vytrus Biotech has developed a 100% natural active ingredient that protects the cutaneous microbiota involved in fighting the signs of photoageing, at the same time it stimulates the antioxidant and photo-protecting microbial metabolism under sun exposure

Finding function and value in upcycled ingredients

CP Kelco explains why upcycled ingredients can help minimize resources while adding value to quality personal care products and give consumers positive feelings - a win for all involved – and sheds light on its own upcycled ingredients

Sclerotium gum shield - biopolymer protection

Air pollutants such as particulate matter, heavy metals, and ozone are believed to induce or exacerbate a range of skin conditions, such as ageing and sensitive skin. Such situations inspired Cargill Beauty to explore the capacity of its range of biopolymers to protect the skin from these aggressors

Barcelona buzzes as in-cos gets back to its best

A comprehensive post-event review of key and emerging themes, industry insight, product launches, award winners from the 2023 edition of the in-cosmetics Global trade show, which took place in Barcelona on 28-30 March

COVER STORY: Texture Plus - the quest for aesthetics and efficacy

The formulators quest for a new texture, a wow feeling and a point of difference for consumers is never ending

Interview: Expanding horizons

Ahead of Suppliers’ Day in New York on 2-3 May, editor Tim Probert caught up with NYSCC chair Stacey House (senior VP for consumer beauty R&D at Coty) and chair-elect Amber Evans (senior manager for product development at Moroccanoil) to discuss the show, NYSCC and industry trends

Upcycled patchouli for active scalp care

Givaudan explores its patchouli leaf active that restores sebum production, skin barrier function and hydration in the scalp

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