Nouryon launches Structure M3 polysaccharide co-surfactant

Nouryon has launched Structure M3, a biodegradable polysaccharide co-surfactant developed in response to consumers’ increasing preference for more natural and milder ingredients.

Structure M3 co-surfactant is said to significantly reduce the irritation potential of commonly used surfactant systems, offering customers the optimal balance of mildness, cleansing, and foaming in shampoo, facial cleanser, and body wash formulations.

Designed with sustainability in mind, it is available as a waterless, free-flowing powder of high natural content (NOI1 = 85), and it is readily biodegradable (per OECD 301B2).

Additionally, it is cold-water processable and compatible with both sulfate- and sulfate-free surfactant systems.

"At Nouryon, we are committed to driving innovation and setting new standards of excellence in the personal care industry,” said Suzanne Carroll, Senior Vice President of Home and Personal Care at Nouryon.

“The launch of this innovative polysaccharide technology marks a significant advancement by providing formulators, cosmetic chemists, and beauty developers with an exceptional ingredient that unlocks new possibilities in product innovation, performance, and sustainability,” she added.

Structure M3 co-surfactant is the latest in a series of more natural products introduced by Nouryon for the personal care end-market.

These include SolAmaze Natural solution, a biobased, biodegradable, film-former that offers superior water resistance for high SPF emulsion sunscreens, Amaze Nordic Barley, a certified natural starch that is used to replace synthetic ingredients in skin and hair care products, and Amaze SP aesthetic modifier, a 100% biobased polymer that helps formulators to create more natural hairstyle products for consumers. 

“Our product portfolio is designed to address customer demands for transparent, clean label ingredients, aligning with modern consumer preferences for environmentally friendly products,” said David Freidinger, Vice President, Personal Care & Pharma at Nouryon. 

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