Juniper berry extract for improved skin brightness

The global beauty trend is shifting from ‘skin whitening’, which depends on one's natural skin colour, to ‘skin brightening’, which is a borderless concept. Whiteness is defined as skin colour based on the amount of melanin, the black pigment produced by melanocytes.

Although acquired factors also play a role, genetics have a strong influence on the whiteness. On the other hand, 'bright skin', which is often interpreted in terms such as 'clarity', depends on various acquired factors instead of melanin. One factor is lipofuscin, an aggregate of denatured proteins and lipid peroxides that accumulates within cells as the body ages.

Lipofuscin decreases skin clarity by blocking light transmission, causing dullness. In response, we sought out juniper berry extract from approximately 400 types of medical herbs as an ingredient of natural origin that activates proteasome, an intracellular cleaning system that reduces lipofuscin accumulation, and developed it under the product name JuniperBright.1

This article introduces the juniper berry extract's effect to activate proteasome, 
reduce lipofuscin accumulation, activate autophagy (another intracellular cleaning system) found through the identification of active ingredients as well as its beauty effects on human skin.

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