Hydroalcoholic hand sanitisers in the COVID era

The use of hydroalcoholic hand sanitisers has turned into a necessary part of our personal care routine and our daily life.

Personal care hygiene, now and forever?

The early days of pandemic saw a huge spike in online discussions about the importance of hygiene. What is the current thinking two years on?

Hand sanitisers for COVID protection and more

The editor, Dr Andrew Warmington, reports from the in-cosmetics Formulation summit in London last November

COVER STORY: Natural, waterless & sustainable hair products

Natura-Tec’s commitment to drive the CLEAN BEAUTY philosophy and to offer alternatives to synthetic products responds to this new consumer demand.

COVER STORY: Revitalise regeneration for anti-ageing effects

Regeneration is the innate capacity of living beings to repair themselves by the beneficial use of their own resources. Preserving this property is a key strategy for ageing well and in good health.

A biodegradable, broadspectrum antibacterial

Vertellus looks at an effective antibacterial agent that is applicable in a variety of formulations and has activity against many microorganisms

A single ingredient for all types of skin ageing

Incospharm’s Aquatide addresses multiple aspects of skin ageing, including inflamm-ageing, barri-ageing and sensiti-ageing

Skin anti-ageing properties of a microalga extract

Akott has developed a water-soluble extract of microalga for cosmetic applications using a sustainable and circular approach

Simple and clean men’s formulations

Kobo Products introduces formulations are green and clean, have short lists of ingredients, feel moisturising and lightweight, and are easy to apply and remove

Up close and personal with self-diagnostic tools

Bulldog and Revieve have launched the first Digital Skincare Advisor specifically for men’s products

Men or women: Creating dedicated products

Men need dedicated beauty products that are adapted to their specific needs. Seppic shares some case studies

Safety & effectiveness of fullerene cosmetics

The topical application of high-purity fullerenes has therapeutic effects on various oxidative stress disorders in the skin due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects

Unique textures via natural-derived modifiers

BASF Care Creations has combined two naturally occurring anionic polysaccharides to achieve a hydrogel that is similar in structure to carbomer

Transforming textures: Tagua nut seed powder

Currently in the personal care industry there is a huge demand for transforming textures. Brenntag Personal Care introduces some recent formulations based on the tagua nut

Sustainable bark extract illuminates your true self

Borēaline Aurora extract from the bark of the white pine tree is a new, sustainable and clinically tested active capable of improving skin complexion and luminosity through diverse complementary mechanisms, according to IFF and Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

A new PDO for multifunctional applications

DSM and Metex Nøøvista are offering a new, sustainable, cosmetic grade of 1,3-propanediol called Tilamar PDO with Nøøvista, which is the first cosmetic grade PDO to be sourced in the EU and transformed with a patented fermentation process

Postbiotic care for sensitive skin from golden millet

Rahn introduces Defensil-Pure, a product inspired by the natural sourdough fermentation of German bread for the treatment of atopic dermatitis and general care for the skin

The skin and its microbiota are one entity

CLR Berlin believe that making ‘microbiome-friendly’ products is a logical line of thinking, but there is a more relevant approach which makes more sense: regarding the skin as an ecosystem

Deodorising ingredients with no microbiome impact

Symrise shares results from a study showing how formulations claiming long lasting deodorant efficacy can benefit from the excellent performance of modern deodorising ingredients like 2-methyl 5-cyclohexylpentanol, without using strong antimicrobials

Let your hair down with a new texture

Gattefossé introduces Definicire, a new active texturising agent for the undeserved wavy, curly and coily hair market

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