Natural appearance is skin care consumers’ top goal

Skin care consumers are more likely to value a natural appearance than smooth texture or youthful appearance, research by Lycored has found. The global wellness company surveyed over 500 regular users of skin care products in six different countries. They were presented with a list of eight possible skin care goals and asked to choose the five that were most important to them.

Portal offers insights and advice for marketing

in-cosmetics North America has launched a new MarCos portal offering advice and insights from industry leaders on marketing cosmetic and personal care products.

Campaign inspired by the growth of travel

Univar Solutions has announced the release of its new SIM Campaign Global Awakening. Thanks to the new technologies of information and communication, but also the raise of affordable solutions, travelling took on a new turn in the 2000s, benefiting from a strong boost. From dedicated websites to instant photo sharing applications, consumers are now inspired and appealed to travel more.

Whats’s driving consumer interest in the CBD-cosmetics space?

Pierre Killeen, manager of Strategic Business Development, HEXO, will lead a session at in-cosmetics North America on ‘Whats’s driving consumer interest in the CBD-cosmetics space?’ on Thursday 24 October at 13:45 in the Marketing Trends Theater. Adam will present findings from consumer trends research conducted exclusively for in-cosmetics North America into the use of CBD-based products, looking at what is driving the consumer interest in CBD-based products, how and why are consumers using it, and what does this mean in terms of market opportunity.

Designing the future of cosmetics: the next 10 years of macro-trend influence

Mariel Brown, Director of Futures, Seymourpowell, will lead a session at in-cosmetics North America on ‘Innovating for tomorrow – The next 10 years of macro-trend influence in the beauty sector’ on Thursday 24 October at 11:45 in the Marketing Trends Theater. The session will explore two key factors disrupting the beauty industry; the environmental crisis and advancing technology. It will examine the polarities that are inherent in these forces of change and highlight the unique challenges and innovation opportunities they present for the future.

New consumer care innovation centre opens

Clariant has officially opened its new Consumer Care Innovation Center (CCIC). Based in New Providence, New Jersey, the emphasis of the centre will be on innovation to capture the value of North American consumer trends and creating regional expertise in formulating, ingredient development, product evaluation and consumer testing.

New investment in production of powders

Silab is commissioning its new powder production unit on its site. The company selected the spray-drying technology to transform its active ingredients into a dry form, marketed without preservatives.

This Week: Free Webinar on Mildness Testing

This Tuesday, Personal Care will be hosting a free webinar - Taking The Sting Out of Mildness Testing - enabling you to learn about the latest research into improving the accuracy of claims around mildness to skin.

Partnership strengthened

Brenntag and Corbion strengthened their long-time partnership in EMEA by signing an enhanced framework agreement with an innovative way of working together.

A spotlight on the hottest trends

in-cosmetics Asia’s popular Spotlight On area will return to the show this November for its 12th edition, providing formulators and marketers with a unique way to learn about the latest trends and ingredients affecting three pertinent areas.

Going beyond formulation creation

Many of the larger personal care manufacturers have fully equipped laboratories. Azelis makes a difference especially for the small and medium-size customers by giving them access to formulation and testing expertise that they often do not have in-house.

Fourth edition is largest show to date

Cosmetorium’s 4th edition, on 23-24 October, will be the largest to date, both in terms of exhibitor numbers, square metres, stands and presentations. Registration figures have also far exceeded those of previous editions.

Richer and bolder content

This November 20-21, Making Cosmetics returns to Milan with richer content and an increase of nearly 40% of exhibition space and exhibition stands are now sold out.

Headcount doubles at device company

Cutitronics, a University of Strathclyde spin-out that has raised two funding rounds from FTSE100 chemicals giant, Croda International, has doubled the size of its team as it prepares to release its maiden product next year

Innovation lab announcement

Fitz Chem has announced the commissioning of the Itasca Innovation Lab (I2L) which will provide technical service and applications support to its Personal Care and HI&I Customers in North America.

Accelerated GRASE status proposal

DSM’s Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients business unit has proposed an accelerated scientific approach to confirm GRASE status for most UV-filter products in the United States.

Givaudan acquires fragrance house, Drom

Givaudan announced that it is to acquire Drom. Founded in 1911, Drom is a global perfume house creating fragrances for consumer products and fine fragrance customers across the world.

New Little Book on its way

If you are visiting any of the major industry shows across the globe over the next few months, make sure you look out for Personal Care’slatest Little Book offering.

Summit focuses on natural beauty

Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE), organiser of the annual Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) trade event recently held its 3rd PCHi Technology Summit

Helping oil stability in formulations

It has recently been proven that jojoba oil not only features high levels of oxidative stability, but adding jojoba oil to other oils can increase their stability levels as well, reveal Jojoba Desert.