Marketing personnel changes

CLR has announced that, as from the first of September 2020, Nathalia Gruber will take over as Director Marketing and Corporate Communications.

NYSCC announce At Home Live Week of Beauty

The New York Society of Cosmetics Chemists (NYSCC) announces the launch of Suppliers’ Day At Home Live Week Of Beauty featuring education, engagement, new products, awards and more for the beauty and personal care industry.

Clean fragrances added to trends set

CPL Aromas has added Clean Fragrances to its growing Trends Set, aiming to cover an often-unclear segment of the sustainable market.

A mild, long-lasting warming agent

Traditional warming agents include Capsicum (red pepper), Ginger extract, etc. They can induce the fastest and strongest warming intensity, but with a short duration. In addition, they often cause skin irritation, burning and itching feeling.

Active for itchy scalp and healthy hair

Symrise has introduced a new solution for itchy scalp: SymSoft Scalp efficiently soothes scalp itching sensations within a few days.

Hand sanitisers donated to frontline workers

The New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) has donated more than 8,000 bottles of FDA approved hand sanitisers to frontline workers in New York and New Jersey Medical Centers, Hospitals, and Care Centers as well as Veteran and Nursing homes.

Helping hand sanitiser manufacturers with regulation changes

SGS is offering a range of solutions to help manufacturers produce safe, effective, and compliant hand sanitisers.

Pandemic influences back to school purchases

The start of the school year is typically an exciting time when parents and students stock up on school supplies. However, this autumn with the spread of COVID-19, the learning environment for students in the US has taken on a different tone.

Partnership boosts sustainable lavender production

Firmenich has signed an exclusive partnership with Coop SCA3P, a leading producer of natural lavandin, covering business, diversification and innovation, as well as contribution to sustainable farming to secure the future for local producers.

Foam tester analyses foam formation and stability

Krüss has released the new Foam Tester, an instrument for testing liquids with respect to their foam formation and stability behaviour, focusing on quality control for foam prevention and inhibition.

Reduction of sebum production for healthy scalp

Symrise has developed a state-of-the-art ingredient from natural and sustainable sources to remedy oily scalp and hair. SymControl Scalp reduces the production of sebum on the scalp with visible results in only one week.

Compliance service expands into new territories

SGS Digicomply, a compliance intelligence platform for the cosmetic, personal care and household care (CPCH) industry, has extended its worldwide reach with new markets now participating in the global network.

New film former for long-lasting, natural makeup

More and more consumers demand products that not only make them look great, but are sustainable as well. This is a challenge for makeup manufacturers: their formulations need to last all day and contain a large percentage of plant-based ingredients.

New CEO appointed for UK-based manufacturer and distributor

Cornelius Group has announced that its Group CEO, Darren Spiby, is retiring after 17 years tenure at the company. His replacement is current finance director, Phillip Gibbons (pictured), who will assume the position from 1 October 2020.

Cosmetic Executive Women announce Supplier's Award finalists

CEW has announced the six finalists of the Supplier’s Award: Ingredients & Formulation, part of its Beauty Awards. Sponsored by NYSCC, the award category recognises role that ingredients and formulation plays in successful product launches.

Global issue of Personal Care launched

The Personal Care Magazine team are excited to announce the launch of a new Global digital-only issue to complement the existing printed issues that have been a key source of technical content in the personal care industry for over 20 years.

Partnership provides COVID-19 support for Indonesian farmers

BASF and The Estée Lauder Companies have partnered with the civil society organisation Solidaridad Network to provide COVID-19 hygiene kits to more than 1,000 smallholder farmers and their families in the Way Kanan District in Lampung, Indonesia.

New virtual event launched to connect industry

The in-cosmetics Group has announced the launch of in-cosmetics Virtual - a new online meeting place for the personal care ingredients community. With many shows postponed for this year there are limited opportunities to meet face to face.

Temporary colour with built-in styling properties

Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty (LLS Beauty) has introduced Go with the Flow Hair Makeup & Style. The temporary hair colour with built-in style-boosting properties is formulated to achieve an immediate, natural finished look that rinses out.

Five natural oils resonating with consumers in the new normal

Kerfoot Group has revealed five of the natural oils that are currently resonating are currently resonating with consumers in personal care and cosmetic applications in the post-covid environment.