Nourishing sensitive skin for healthier appearance

Lubrizol describes a novel active ingredient for sensitive skin with anti-ageing benefits that mimics the advantages of a healthy anti- inflammatory diet within the skin. This novel active ingredient, a biotechnological extract isolated from thermal springs in Italy and enriched with nourishing minerals, effectively reduces skin inflammation, even in cases where an unhealthy diet exacerbates the condition

Sensitive skin is a condition characterized by heightened responses to stimuli that should not normally cause discomfort. While external factors like temperature and chemicals are known to affect skin sensitivity, the role of nutritional status on skin health and sensitivity is emerging.1 Therefore, understanding the impact of diet on skin inflammation and ageing is crucial.

An unhealthy diet, high in fat and sugar, induces metabolic stress that leads to skin inflammation and accelerates skin ageing.2,3 This unhealthy diet triggers the release of stressorins, danger alarm signals that bind to RAGE receptors (receptors for Advanced Glycation End Products) on skin cells and other cells. Consequently, this activates the NF-kB signaling pathway, resulting in increased production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.4

Moreover, an unhealthy diet promotes the formation of Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) through glycation, further contributing to skin ageing. AGEs also bind to RAGE receptors, activating the proinflammatory NF-kB pathway and amplifying the inflammatory signal.5 In sensitive skin, both stressorins and the RAGE-NF-kB pathway are upregulated, making them potential targets for reducing inflammation and alleviate the effects of sensitive skin.6,7

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