Red seaweed: secret treasure in the Baltic Sea

Codif Technologie Naturelle has developed Hydranov, a smart and effective moisturizer with hyaluronic acid effect for skin care, and Capiguard for hair care, fighting against pollution and protecting the hair cuticle. Est-Agar manufactures EstGel1000, which is a powdered furcellaran. As furcellaran molecules commonly exist in highly hydrated states, the substance has a high-water binding capacity, thus effectively reducing transepidermal water loss and providing moisturizing properties

Furcellaran is a sulfated polysaccharide, belonging to the carrageenan family, isolated from the red seaweed Furcellaria lumbricalis, which is one of the most important species of Baltic Sea (Figure 1).

Furcellaria lumbricalis was quite common in the Baltic Sea until the 1970s and it was one of the first European algal species to be used industrially. Today, the red algal furcellaran is only produced in Estonia.

In other locations, algal stocks have declined as a result of overfishing or local pollution. Estonian marine scientists have been monitoring and protecting algae resources for decades, that has made it possible to use it industrially.

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