Sustainable, functional amino acid ingredients

Amino acids and amino acid derivatives are mild and highly biodegradable raw materials for personal care products, and because they have unique functionality as cosmetic raw materials, more applications and expanded use are expected in the future, as Ajinomoto explains

Amino acids are important substances for human as basic molecules constituting proteins and are also important for industrial substances because of the various physiological functions and physicochemical properties of each amino acid.

In recent years, with advances in production technology of biotechnology and an increase in production volumes, purified amino acids are becoming available at relatively low prices. Also, new findings of amino acids have been clarified through research activities. As a result, amino acids are widely used in various industries, including foods, supplements, medicines, feed, and personal care products.

In personal care products particularly, amino acids are known as the main components of natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which has the function of retaining water in the stratum corneum to maintain healthy skin. The constituent components of NMF are low molecular weight molecules such as amino acids, pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (and its salts), urea, mineral salts, and organic acids (and its salts), with the majority being amino acids and their derivatives.1

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