Submicron technology creates effective delivery systems

Dermal active substances, in particular antiageing, antioxidant agents, and whitening ingredients, find frequent use in cosmetics as they meet typical consumer needs, such as the wish to have younger-looking skin or to lighten the skin tone (the latter being especially popular in Asian countries).

A new vitamin E derivative for total eye care

A new vitamin E derivative, sodium dl-α-tocopheryl phosphate (INCI: sodium tocopheryl phosphate), is a water-soluble powder. Thanks to its water-soluble property, sodium tocopheryl phosphate can deeply penetrate the skin compared with other oily tocopherol derivatives and be formulated with water-based cosmetic products.

Natural protection for men’s ageing skin

Discovered in the 18th century, the sequoia is a survivor from the ancient forests of North America. Growing up to 100 metres high, it is a pyrophyte: the mineral-rich ash facilitates the germination of its seeds, and it can live for more than 1,000 years.

Innovation and disruption within men’s grooming

The rise of subscription shaving businesses has transformed this part of the male grooming market. Smart online marketing campaigns and competitive pricing have seen companies like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s disrupt the traditional shaving purchasing model, moving it away from the High Street.

Returning to the home of cosmetics

in-cosmetics Global will return to Paris for its 30th edition in April, with the event once again providing a platform for R&D teams to source the most innovative ingredients and learn about the trends shaping the future of the beauty industry.

Cosmetic benefits of ‘Superfoods of the sea’

Seaweeds are considered the superfoods of the sea, representing an important part of the diet of some of the longest-lived people on Earth. Algae represent one of the key longevity secrets of these healthy populations, which inhabit specific regions of the world, known as blue zones.

Sensory changesby minimally disruptive technology

Silicone polymers have the unique ability to lower the surface tension of organic oils and thereby present a different aesthetic effect in cosmetic formulations. This allows silicone polymers to be added at less than 10% concentration and often less than 5% concentration and provide a different customer experience than achieved by standard silicones.

Beautiful skin via sustainable technology

Within the context of urban development, pollution poses a threat to health in all parts of the world. Some particles can be twenty times smaller than the pores of the skin and various types of pollution can affect the skin and interfere with its healthy balance.

Siberian multi-faceted lightener for radiant skin

Skin lightening is one of the most demanding segments in the cosmetic industry. The global consumer demand driven by an ageing population and men’s increasing interest in grooming defines new targets for skin lighteners.

Skin lightening and radiance for flawless complexion

Radiant skin has always been an important physical goal because it is synonymous with beauty, good health and wellbeing.

Lightening products evolve for new markets

The skin lightening industry is showing no signs of slowing down globally. For a number of reasons there is an ongoing desire to lighten and even complexion, and it is important for the personal care industry to ensure consumers have access to safe and effective methods to achieve this.

China: a new ‘blue ocean’ worth exploring

China reported its fastest economic growth in seven years last year, with a gross domestic product increase of 6.9 per cent in 2017.

New features and latest trends examined in Bangkok

The 2018 in-cosmetics Asia took place at the BITEC on the outskirts of Bangkok from 30 October to 1 November and once again showed the Asian cosmetics and personal care industry in excellent health.

Helping men understand their skin

“He who knows others is clever, but he who knows himself is enlightened.”- Lao Tzu (taken from ‘365 Days of Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio).

Superfruits to delight the health-conscious consumer

The desire for a healthy and balanced lifestyle has led to the rising popularity of chia seeds, goji berries and kale in recent years.

Fragrance trends: creativity is a precise art

Jo Jacobius spoke with fragrance trends experts Selena Thomas, Jessica Chor and Hera Siah from the fragrance house CPL Aromas, about the scent trends in personal care products that will be surging in 2019.

Ingredients focus: fragrance concepts

The scent of a product speaks to the unconscious mind, and as a result can be enormously powerful. As well as providing emotional references to products, the scent can also act as an olfactory advertisement, promoting the product to people within close proximity to the user who can then provide that most sought after buying prompt: personal recommendation.

Eco-friendly strategy to improve body silhouette

Body imperfections are ‘evergreen aesthetic problems’ that affect both women and men of different ages.

Effect of L.pentosus extract on host defence and microbiota

The human skin is a complex ecosystem that plays the role of a barrier against environmental aggressions. In this system, microorganisms colonise our skin and are essential to skin immunity and physiology

Meeting the skin’s nutritional needs the Nordic way

The cosmetics market is awash with moisturising and anti-ageing creams, and as a consumer it can be hard to navigate in the jungle. Q for Skin has introduced a series of unique products based on ingredients indigenous to the Nordic countries aimed at addressing the skin’s nutritional needs and combatting dryness.