The next super material: Shells from algae

Swedish Algae Factory’s new product had its origins in a journey the company founder made to the Antarctic.

Vitamin C in skin care applications: An overview

Because vitamin C is unstable and difficult to deliver into the dermis in the optimum dosage, research is being directed to finding stable compounds and newer methods of delivery, says Dr Cuross Bakhtiar

Cosmetics regulatory update for the EU

Martin Perry of ADS Laboratories looks in depth at recent changes to the European Cosmetics Regulation

Astaxanthin: Red diamond amongst antioxidants

Astaxanthin can improve the overall health of the skin, providing comprehensive biological cell protection against cell damage caused by UV radiation. BDI shares some results about its AstaCos OL50

Helping the beauty industry understand ‘microbiome'

Dr Tina Meder discusses how brands offering microbiome-friendly solutions can educate beauty therapists and retail sellers in order to promote their greater use

Peptides: Their role in epigenetic processes

Jelena Miladinović-Delić, founder and the director of Beauty Core, looks at the potential peptide molecules offer, in particular where fine cellular and molecular mechanisms are used to regulate gene expression

Maximising efficacy of algae extracts in skin care

Bicosome and Ultra Chemical showcase a double encapsulation system that both stabilises the active in an algae-based formulation and delivers it to the epidermis

The soothing effect of a red sage active

In order to relieve sensitive skin, Silab has developed an overall natural neuro-soothing active, derived from the red sage grown in China. It shares the results here

New approach to suppressing wrinkles

Ichimaru Pharcos has developed peppermint leaf extract as a raw cosmetic ingredient that shows wrinkle improvement effects by suppressing the rise in eATP concentration in the skin

Novel marine magnesium and trace minerals for skin

Oriel Marine outlines how its liquid Marine Magnesium Mineral extract outperform traditional minerals in terms of stability, bioavailability and biofunctionality

Resin blend emulsion for user-friendly anti-frizz

AB Specialty Silicones set out to manufacture a cosmetic ingredient that is high-performing, multi-functional, compliant with EU regulations and easy to formulate with. Can one ingredient ‘have it all’?

Silicones in personal care: The formulator’s dilemma

Industry guru Tony O’Lenick shows how formulators can employ minimally disruptive formulation and functional formulation techniques to switch rapidly between all-natural products and those containing synthetics

Sun care ingredients for a changing world

Tomorrow’s sun care formulations will be all about more function from fewer ingredients, with a strong focus on naturals, Cornelius believes

Solid emollient bases for mineral sunscreens

Penreco conducted a study to test mineral sunscreen sticks formulated with its Versastique solid emollient bases against a market-leading alternative. The results are shared here

Benefits of organic & inorganic UV filters

Croda has found that a combination of organic and inorganic can work best when it comes to protecting the skin from the effects of the Sun

Super-natural: Evolving sustainability in naturals

To increase the sustainability of naturals, the personal care industry should invest in ingredients created using new farming techniques and agricultural methods, says Lake Chemical

Naturality & biodiversity in the cosmetics industry

At Alban Muller, biodiversity preservation is a business driver, an integral part of product design and a criterion in ingredient supplier selection

The truth about natural fragrances

Misunderstandings and misconceptions abound over what ‘natural’ really means in fragrances. We spoke with four experts from Iberchem to clarify matters

Review of vitamin A in skin care

Expert analysis from Dr Cuross Bakhtiari of Harley Street Cosmetic of how vitamin A metabolites are used for the treatment of various skin conditions

Silicone Elastomer Blend with high natural content

Dow’s silicone elastomer blend ingredient helps to formulate products with superior feel and high levels of natural content.

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