Upcycled, moisturising and skin-friendly xylitol

Piera Pericu of IFF Health & Biosciences explain what xylitol has to offer as a natural active with proven benefits for skin health

The number of new skin care products featuring a microbiome-related claim has increased sharply over the last few years and it has become one of the most talked about drivers of product innovation in the category.1

At the same time, consumers’ interest in environmental and ethical beauty continue to soar and influence purchasing decisions. A comparison between product launches featuring a sustainability claim between 2012 and 2022 showed an increase of nearly 70%.2 Of course, this does not mean that consumers are willing to compromise on the skin-hydrating performance of their chosen moisturiser. Far from it. Rather, these trends have created a more complex set of demands. The challenge facing formulators and brand owners is how to respond effectively with efficacious products that have minimum impact on the environment.

In this article, we explain why a new highly purified xylitol - known as Genencare® XL - may be the key to meeting these expectations. This bioactive material not only sets a new benchmark in terms of xylitol sustainability, it has also been shown through scientific data to maintain skin hydration while supporting a healthy microbiome profile. 

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