The science of bio-based alkanes in cosmetics

VG Chem Consulting and Enviro-Stratégies highlight the superiority of conventional chemistry compared to synthetic biology in relation to bio-based alkanes

Nutricosmetic potential of natural astaxanthin

AstaReal explains why natural astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant with many health benefits backed by sound science and well-equipped to meet consumer-led beauty demands

How to prove pro-ageing claims in vivo

The combinations of classical biometric measurements with more high-tech devices and specific biomarkers can provide a better understanding of the organisation of the skin structure and its functions, says Skinobs

Fermented, multi-plant ingredients in cosmetics

Ingredients based on adaptogenic plants, marine-sourced plants, superfruits and legumes have been given a new level of potency and potential by using Jeen’s Fermbiotic technology

Summer snowflake bulb: A Botox-like active

IFF-Lucas Meyer Cosmetics has developed a new botanical with Botox-like efficacy, not for a sweat-proof look but to help reduce sweating in the first place

Nature inspires a holistic fight against pollution

Berkem showcases the anti-pollution effects of extracts from raspberry leaves and green tea

Endorphin peptide-based wrinkle treatment

Kalichem introduces Peptilift, which is based on an innovative biomimetic endorphin included in a functional delivery system

The ‘solidification’ of liquid shampoos and conditioners

JRS’s new technology means the personal care industry can re-develop a wide range of existing cosmetic formulations into solid forms

Enhancing emotional wellbeing with plant cells

Turmeria Zen from turmeric stem cells acts against stress wrinkles and significantly increases the wellbeing and hydration of stressed skin, say Vytrus

Living the lifestyle dream with sustainable cosmetics

Clare Goodwin of Infinity Ingredients looks at some of the key themes around lifestyle cosmetics and explains why they are here to stay

COVER STORY: Jasmine to connect skin biology and emotions

Caressense™ biofunctional is a phytofermented extract from fresh and organic jasmine flowers, inspired by research on the connection between skin and emotions and the ‘chemistry of love’.

A natural solution for atopic skin

A purified natural active ingredient, composed of oligosaccharides extracted from the roots of mondo grass is able to restore the homeostasis of atopic skin

Transferring pigmentation from forearm to face

Using methods to transfer pigmentation digitally from volunteers’ inner forearms to their faces can help to predict facial pigmentation reactions

Improving hair thickening with amaranth peptides

A new peptide composition, rich in phenylalanine and histidine amino acids and with a low average molecular weight, can help reinforce hair’s structural integrity and tensile strength

Transcending skin ethics with a new ethos

Provital has launched a multifunctional active developed around an internationally recognised ethical initiative in Mexico

COP-26: Sustainable cosmetics on show

Natura-Tec participated at COP-26 to demonstrate a sustainable, responsible and forward-looking collaborative approach within the cosmetics industry

Avocado polyphenols for dark circles and eye bags

In vitro studies have demonstrated the biological activity of avocado extract with high polyphenol content in a key area of eye care and these have been confirmed by two clinical studies

Transforming a botanical with sub-critical water

Lipotec has developed an extract of the ‘resurrection plant’ and transformed it using sub-critical water technology to generate a novel active ingredient

Opacity, viscosity, structure or body

Koster Keunen’s waxes are indicated for use in all cosmetic formulations, and their different properties allow cosmetic formulators to control the outcome of their finished formulas

Hydroalcoholic hand sanitisers in the COVID era

The use of hydroalcoholic hand sanitisers has turned into a necessary part of our personal care routine and our daily life.

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