COVER STORY: Natura-Tec’s solutions for global wellbeing

The senses connect us to life; they allow us to perceive the world around us. Today, to the five main senses: hearing, smell, taste, touch and sight, we can add two new fundamental considerations: intuition and the sense of others. That is to say the meaning of life and the ability to become aware of our environment and evolve according to its criteria.

‘What is deepest in man is the skin’, wrote Paul Valéry. We feel everything through the skin, we even breathe through it. It is the first bulwark against the universe that allows us to understand and comprehend it

Like the other sensory organs, the skin is connected to the central nervous system and, via its multiple receptors, it picks up information that goes up to the brain. Ultra-sensitive, it becomes a major element for individual wellbeing.

The concepts and theories of sensory cosmetics, neurocosmetics, psychosmetics or neurowellness then find their full meaning by structuring the emotions in our thoughts and behaviours. The transfer linking neuroscience to cosmetics and the awakening of one’s emotions is simple: the sensory experience will be major, the use of textures of great elegance, subtle and evolving.

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