INTERVIEW: Education programmes to stay top of the class for NYSCC

Personal Care Global editor Tim Probert caught up with the chair of the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists - Giorgio Dell’Acqua of Nutrafol - and chair-elect - Stacey House of kdc/one - to discuss their plans for the organisation over the next year and beyond.

COVER STORY: Phospholipids - nature’s skin care all-rounders

Phospholipids are highly versatile materials offering both technical and physiological benefits for cosmetic formulations.

Skin renewal and barrier boost from seashore flower

Lehvoss Italia and Odycea examine how a marine ingredient developed from Calluna vulgaris has proven efficacy in reinforcing the epidermal barrier function, antimicrobial and antioxidant protection, hydration and cellular renewal

Soothing atopic-prone skin with chestnut leaf extract

BASF explains how its new active ingredient is proven to help improve the appearance of skin of people with atopic dermatitis, a common skin condition that causes itchiness and redness

Why solid shampoo? What’s next for haircare?

Stephenson takes a look at the latest innovations in solid haircare products and the opportunities for waterless formulations

Feeling peachy: resin extract for the skin

Shanghai Jaka Biotech presents the findings of a clinical evaluation of the wrinkle-removing functionality of a resin secreted from the bark of peaches

A new olfactive expression for wood

Eurofragance has launched L’Âme du Bois, a new ingredient that provides olfactive expression to woody notes while offering interesting properties to fragrance compositions

To dye for! - A natural colouration booster

Rahn presents the hair dye performance benefits of Radicare-Eco, an antioxidant based on rosmarinic acid from lemon balm, barley grass and α-glucosyl hesperidin

Esters: Twisting towards ultimate sensoriality

Roelmi HPC article presents a range of sensorial emollient agents developed by circular economy and upcycling methods through different Mediterranean-based supply chains

Benefits of azelaic acid from high oleic sunflower oil

Azeco explains how it is now possible to formulate cosmetic products for both skin and hair care with a bio-based, multi-action azelaic acid active obtained by sustainable processes without using ozone

Sun care: skin microbiota surprises once more

Gobiotics describes a pioneer study that follows the evolution of the skin microbiota during sun exposure

Cyclic-free resin blend emulsion for skin care

AB Specialty Silicones evaluates the longwear performance of its resin blend and resin blend emulsions in skin care applications by testing their transfer resistance

Working with TiO2 UV filters in powder form

Croda Europe reveals the findings of a study of emollients mixed with different titanium dioxide powders, each optimised to provide a different sun care-relevant claim

Apply liberally: challenging sunscreen misconceptions

A review of the latest Sun Protection Conference in London explores whether certain conventional views about sunscreen are misplaced

Camellia japonica: Protecting from pollution

Clariant Active Ingredients extols the antipollution virtues of Camellia japonica - one of the most famous flowers in Korea, where it is known as dongbaek

Natural Ectoin: Protecting against air pollution

Germany’s bitop explains how its natural Ectoin multifunctional active ingredient protects against skin damage from air pollution

The four pillars of sustainable beauty

Formula Botanica CEO Lorraine Dallmeier sets out her four key principles of truly sustainable personal care: using fewer resources, circularity, green and home/local

April in Paris: Sustainability de rigueur at in-cos Global

New editor Tim Probert wraps up developments and new product launches at in-cosmetics Global 2022 in Paris

COVER STORY: New formats take lead in water-free formulations

The rising focus around eco-conscious formulations, naturally-based ingredients and recycling options has been intensified by the climate change movement and the impact of declining resources. We are seeing a focus on refillables, compostables, reusables, solid formats, upcycled ingredients and better transparency.

Zinc oxide: Winning choice for a sunscreen UV filter

The formulator may be able to eliminate a thickening agent from sunscreens by using zinc oxide

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