Unlock your ideal hairstyle by Lissenare™ Glycoscience

Nagase Viita creates unique functional saccharides utilizing enzymes, always using inspiration from nature. LissenareTM is our latest oligosaccharide product which is 100% natural, readily biodegradable*, made to revitalize your hair health by repairing inner hair damage and boost hold of hair styling with flexibility.

*Readily Biodegradable : evaluated by OECD Chemical Substance Test Guideline No. 301F (degraded at least 60% within 28 days)

A natural oligosaccharide for haircare & hairstyling products

With the growing emphasis on diversity, hairstyles have become a vital form of self-expression. Hair coloring and perms are popular ways to achieve desired looks, but these chemical treatments can potentially damage the hair's inner structure. Alongside these treatments, the daily use of hairstyling products is essential for achieving and maintaining the desired style. However, these products also face challenges, such as keeping the hairstyle intact throughout the day, even during vigorous activities.

We have recently discovered the effects of Lissenare™ are beneficial for resolving the challenges of haircare and styling products mentioned above. These positive results come from the great balance of several types of isomalto-oligosaccharides with α-1,6-glycosidic bonds.

Care: Repairs and strengthens hair from inside


The cortex, where keratin proteins form fibrous bundles, is an important key for inner hair repair and it accounts for most of the hair. In virgin hair, the proteins are arranged in a regular manner. The regularity or “crystallinity” of the hair is reportedly responsible for hair strength, and prevents conditions such as hair breakage.


Our latest study has demonstrated that treatment by LissenareTM improved the crystallinity of keratin and the tensile strength of damaged hair. It was suggested that there is a great potential to repair the keratin protein structure inside hair and restore the hair’s innate strength and health.


Styling: Enhances both stiffness and flexibility to maintain hairstyles

To create a desirable hairstyle and maintain it throughout the day, it is essential to have both "stiffness" to hold it in place and "flexibility" to allow it to return to its original shape, even after vigorous movement.

Achieving both “stiffness” and “flexibility” has always been challenging, but Lissenare™ successfully enhances both qualities ensuring hairstyles are maintained all day long. Lissenare™ also has a flaking inhibiting effect, creating a pleasant texture without stickiness.


Many consumers are now recognizing that hair care products potentially have a negative impact on the environment, especially water pollution. In light of these concerns, we are challenged to enhance product functionality using environmentally friendly ingredients. LissenareTM is a plant-based, readily biodegradable ingredient that empowers the functionality of hair care and styling products, while supporting our wellness and contributing to a healthy ocean environment.

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We have changed our company name to Nagase Viita from Hayashibara in April 2024, in the 140th anniversary of our establishment. We will further devote ourselves to co-create innovations for the wellbeing of the future and the planet.



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