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Harke UK & Ireland

A premium skin cream with high level moisturising and skin resiliencing.


FORMULATION EXAMPLE WITH FLOWER ACIDS Pyruvic acid confers Flower acids properties which are superior to AHA or fruit acids without the associated irritation phenomenons due to their high content in mucilages. An independent study (28 days – 10%) by a dermatologist shows the absence of irritation. Flower acids stimulate the cell renewal by decreasing cohesion of corneocytes (by dissolution of desmosomes) and improve the moisturising of upper layers of epiderm. Pyruvic acid contained in Flower acids increase the synthesis of collagen and of mucopolysaccharids too. Use level: 1 to 10%

Hallstar Italia Srl

Body Contouring Lotion With BODYFIT™


This formula contains BODYFIT™ , which diminishes the appearance of cellulite and enhances skin firmness.

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