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Intimate Hygiene Wash

Salicylates and Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Intimate wash helps balance vaginal pH level and helps your vagina to stay healthy. It helps in preventing bacterial or fungal infection in the vaginal area. It also supports the growth of good bacteria called Lactobacillus, which is important for a healthy and fresh vagina.
Your Ready-To-Go Biphasic Cleansing Care With AQUALANCE™ (*) And CHRONODYN™ SP (**)

Croda Beauty Actives (formerly Sederma)

Just shake it! This two-phase cleansing gel gently washes the face and body, leaving the skin perfectly moisturised. The osmoprotectant skin moisturiser Aqualance™ rehydrates the different layers of the skin and Chronodyn™ SP, an energising active, enhances cell metabolism during the skin’s repairing phase. It also contains Crodarom® Amethyst GL, the perfect ally for healthy glowing skin. SP Adinol™ CT-24 MBAL and Sensifoam™ provide mild but effective cleansing while being respectful to the skin barrier. ACTIVEly committed, the formulation is cold processed and has a natural origin content >95%* according to the ISO 16128-1 and ISO 16128-2 standards.

Croda Europe Limited

Cleansing Oil

Lipoid Kosmetik AG

with PHOSAL® 40 IP and Tamarind Herbasol® Extract sunflower oil
Loofah Life Raspberry Ripple Stick


Rose flavoured cleansing stick with added loofah. A fun to use, solid cleansing stick with extra exfoliating properties for a mild cleanse and a gentle buffer for skin. Infused with either green tea or roses fragrances for that extra dose of personalization. Solid cleansing sticks that can be used in many different applications, shaving, facial cleansing and body cleansing, meaning there is less plastic products in the consumers bathroom cabinet. These cleansing sticks feature Pureact TR-L90 - Innospec’s new easy to use, unique solid form of taurate. Pureact TR-L90 helps create environmental-friendly, solid cleansing products that promise to satisfy the consumer.
Daily Matte Facial Cream


Light and soft with a matte finish . An easy to blend, light airy daily facial cream that provides a nice texture with a transforming texture from a cream to a matte finish. With the new regulations coming into play to ban D4 and D5 silicones due to environmental concerns, this cyclic-free formulation provides all the assurance you need when bringing a safe, effective product to market.
‘The Purple One’ Bar For Men


Almond oil bar for men
Rhubarb & Roses Bar


Rhubarb and roses fragranced bar with primrose oil


Coconut bar fragranced bar with coconut oil
Avo-Char Bar For Men


Charcoal bar with avocado oil
Lemon & Argan Bar


Lemon fragranced bar with argan oil
Naked & Natural Vegan Cleansing Bar


A simple, solid, vegan cleansing bar for hair and body. This bar is great for looking after hair and skin as it contains no sulfates and no preservatives. You can take the bar wherever you go, it’s small, compact and easy-to-use for on-the-go applications. The bar provides incredible foam when used with water. We think it is the best bar on the market. By using this bar, you are contributing to the efforts in protecting the environment – no plastic, no packaging, less water and no animal derived ingredients as the bar is vegan. The bar is also 80% naturally derived according to ISO 16128, perfect for todays’ consumers.
Jarchemtm Creamy Cleanser


Formula No. CMV02077
Natural Eye Cream

Völpker Spezialprodukte GmbH

Base Receipt
Amber Lucent Sleeping Cream With Amberstem™

Croda Beauty Actives (formerly Sederma)

Take care of your olive skin while sleeping with this night cream featuring Amberstem™. This eco-designed active ingredient will help to correct skin pigmentation disorders and reinforce skin barrier for a healthy and even complexion. It is combined with Phytolea™ Camelia, a miracle seed oil that improves skin hydration and protects it against external aggressions. Crodafos™ CES allows stabilisation in combination with emollients that generate the unique texture of this night pack, both rich and light. Indeed Crodamol™ SSA, Crodamol™ OP, Crodamol™ GTCC and silicone like Crodamol™ STS boost hydration without a greasy effect. This formulation could be Halal certified as only Halal approved ingredients are used. This night cream is a must-have in the end of the day beauty routine of all olive skin to ensure the best-looking skin every morning.

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