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WISEGRADE™, Embrace the wise gradient

The appearance of gray hair is based on the loss of pigmentation due to melanogenesis but can be also caused by emotional stress among others.

Wisegrade™ is a plant-GMCSF that activates MITF pathways inducing endogenous antioxidants rebalancing redox homeostasis, protecting the stem cell pool, reactivating the melanosome cycle and reinforcing melanosome integrity. Wisegrade™ provides antioxidant protection, enhances gloss and allows to regulate the amount of grey hair in a natural non-damaging way.


V-4s™, Feeling totally secure

As part of a community humans want to feel safe and confident; and projecting this image of a radicalized skin could damage people's self-image and cause them to lose their confidence and self-esteem. V-4s ™ was born as the solution to recover the health of our skin by deeply protecting it from the four main radicals that cause a radicalized skin (wrinkles, redness, itchiness, etc). V-4s™ showed to decreases the levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) induced by H2O2 and ozone, scavenges sulfur (RSS) and nitril species (RNS), and protects against lipid peroxidation by carbonyl species (RCS). V-4s™ combats the 4s, providing a total AntiRadical efficacy.



iPeptide™, A good beauty sleep

A bad sleep quality visually translates to a tired and unhealthy look with hanging eyelids, swollen eyes and dark circles. It is due to a decompensation of the circadian hormones, a chronic low inflammation and an increase of glycemia, that leads to protein glycation.

iPeptide™ modulates the exaggerated inflammatory response of the alarmin IL-33, acts as a melatonin-like, and protects skin’s proteins from glycation due to hyperglycemia because of a bad quality of sleep.



ÆONOME™, A secret hidden 3 million years

Æonome™ is a bacterial ferment obtained from an ancient underwater cave located in Mallorca’s Island. A unique microbial community has remained preserved & protected in this cave, unveiling Æonome™ as an agebiotic, a new approach to skin’s microbiome. Æonome™, a prebiotic metabolized by the commensal cutaneous microbiota enhancing the production and release of antioxidant metabolites and protecting the skin cells from oxidative stress and signs of aging. Æonome™ increases the ability of keratinocytes to produce ageless proteins involved in skin integrity. Æonome™ efficacy reinforces the antioxidant protection of the microbiota of the skin cells’ ageless force, improving rugosity, wrinkles and hydration.


Munapsys™ is a botulinum toxin-like peptide obtained by in silico design in collaboration with experts in neuroscience. It is the first cosmetic ingredient able to act both in the pre- and post- synaptic pathways of muscle contraction and in a new SNARE protein (Munc-18). Munapsys has been awarded with the “2019 BSB Innovation First Prize” for the Most Innovative Raw Material and the “Best Ingredient Bronze Award 2018” at in- cosmetics North America.


New proof of efficacy: SIRTALICE™

From the deep cold ocean Sirtalice™ emerges as a freezing blast for tired skin and busy lifestyles. Sirtalice™ recharges your skin energy and induces an instant V-lifting reshape in only 30 minutes with long-lasting efficacy.  An on-the-go freezing blast to help you breathe out your true beauty



MARSturizer™, hydrastasis from outer space

From Río Tinto, a spannish river known as “Mars on earth” by Astrobiologist we invite you to discover a hydration from outer space with MARSturizer™. This active ingredient provides a complete efficacy for dry skin: Moisturization, Amelioration of skin regeneration, Reinforcement of skin barrier, Skin Daily protection & repair.

RENESEED™, The seed of youth

Reneseed™ contains plant-Transforming Growth Factor beta 2 (plant-TGFβ2), implicated in the production of epidermal lipids, improving the skin integrity and protection. Besides it has a retinol--like and retinoic acid-like activity in terms of collagen I production, for day and night treatments.

Meiview™, A window to eye beauty

Meiview ™ is ferment extract obtained from an extremophile microorganism. It is the first active in the cosmetic market with a global action in the eye contour area covering dark circles, eye-bags, wrinkles and also provides an eyelid lifting effect. The efficacy on skin eye area was proved both in men and women covering the no-gender trend.

Skinarch™, the art of building collagen

Skinarch™ is a novel peptide that enables cosmetics to fully explore the disruptive trend celebrating an inclusive beauty. Skinarch™ increases Mohawk, a mew key player in the Personal care market, which may be considered the architect of the skin promoting the formation of well-organized collagen fibrils for a proper collagen biotensegrity.

Anargy™, Let your hair bloom


Hair plays a role in social relationships. Aging, stress, and pollution alter normal hair growth cycle accelerating hair loss and slowing down new hair growth. Anargy™ contains proteins that are able to nourish, protect and detoxify hair root helping to reactivate hair growth cycle for a redensifying and strengthening of hair locks & eyelashes. Anargy™ was awarded with the Silver Spotlight On Award at in-cosmetics Latin America.

Introducing LipoTrue, Our Science, Your TRUE Beauty

LipoTrue opens the door to further and more innovative science and technologies, overflowing with new concepts and novel active ingredients the dynamic and fast-changing cosmetic market.
LipoTrue acts as a central R&D engine integrating cutting edge technology platforms in order to provide advanced active ingredients with proven and solid efficacies


●      Wild Plants as biofactories, for the biotechnological production of highly active synthetic proteins in whole non-GM plants
●      In silico and biomimetic design of new revolutionary targeted short-chain peptides with outstanding efficacies. Discovery of novel peptides through biomimetic design, inspired by nature’s masterpieces, mimicking life’s genius patterns
●      Marine bio-research, in collaboration with research institutes, we have proprietary collections of microorganisms for an unlimited source of new active ingredients. Unique species from the ocean’s depths and sea breeze, to the marine cnidarians and onshore halophyte plants
●      Big Data Analytics, providing the best OMICS expertise to characterize active ingredients. Analyzed, shaped and guided to cleverly transform it into Smart Data.

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