Hydrolyzed protein-powered hair care

TRI-K delves into the transformative potential of hydrolyzed moringa protein-based technologies in hair care.


This study delves into the transformative potential of hydrolyzed moringa proteinbased technologies in hair care. Through a rigorous examination of various claims, including cortex penetration, cystine repair, bond reinforcement, and enhanced heat protection, this research illuminates the profound impact of protein on hair health. The findings reveal a multi-faceted approach to hair care, showcasing protein’s ability to not only mend and strengthen bonds, but also fortify them for increased resilience. This comprehensive analysis provides a valuable foundation for advancing the development of cutting-edge products tailored to nourish and protect hair at its core. In this research paper focusing on bond builders the three key areas are examined: active penetration, improvement or restoration of internal hair structures and improvement in mechanical properties. Active penetration was investigated using fluorescence microscopy and FTIR. Effects of protein structures were investigated using differential scanning calorimetry. Improvement of mechanical properties was investigated using single fibre tensile studies. Visual analysis of hair fibre surface was viewed through scanning electron microscopy.

Hair is composed largely of proteins (65%- 95%),1 and contains three major structural components: the cortex, medulla, and cuticle. The cortex provides the bulk of the hair mass and gives hair its tensile strength. Between the protein-rich cells in all three components is a lipid-rich cell membrane complex (CMC) that glues the cell together,2 while simultaneously forming both a barrier against penetration and the major pathway of diffusion into the hair.3

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