Organic kalahari melon oil introduced

Praan Naturals has introduced Organic Kalahari Melon Oil (Citrullus Lanatus (Kalahari Melon) Seed Oil) to its range of more than 500 certified organic and conventional natural ingredients for personal care product development.

Kalahari Melon, Citrullus lanatus, belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. This intriguing, sustainable species is also known as Wild Watermelon. It is considered to be an ancestor to the modern-day watermelon, and it shares the same botanical name. Organic Kalahari Melon Oil has been referred to as Africa’s Secret Gift because it is one of the most drought-resistant plants in South Africa. This nourishing oil not only is one of the most sustainable oils on the market, but it is a significant source of essential fatty acids and tocopherols.

“The Kalahari Desert region suffered from terrible drought conditions, causing many farmers to lose their land, crops and livelihoods. Our manufacturing partner has developed a successful market for the Kalahari Melon Seed Oil to help restore the region’s economy, creating jobs that help support and educate the community that lives in the region,” said Anáil Mitra, chief executive officer of Praan Naturals. “Additionally, production of this oil leaves no waste. After the seeds are separated from the pulp, the pulp waste is used as a natural fertiliser. The seed cakes that remain after the production of the oil are used as a natural protein supplement for livestock.”

With its impressive composition of essential fatty acids and tocopherols and lovely feel upon the skin, Praan Naturals Organic Kalahari Melon Oil is a beautiful, nutritive and stable oil that is ideally suited for the fi nest skin care personal care formulations. It is a primarily polyunsaturated oil that helps to moisturise, soften and soothe the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and looking more youthful. It is an exceptional choice for sensitive, dry, itchy, aging and challenging skin types. Within hair care applications, Organic Kalahari Melon Oil conditions and supports healthy, shiny hair and helps to restore the appearance and texture of damaged hair