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Lucas Meyer Cosmetics
• Introduction of approximately 2% of water through a lamellar gel • Intense color • Soft and slippy at the application • Plumping effect

Chocolate Almond Lip Balm CC-1059

This lip balm glides onto dry lips to naturally smooth and nourish. LipFeel Natural provides complete moisturization to keep lips smooth and soft.

Mint Lip Tint CC-1058

This tinted balm naturally moisturizes, smoothes and nourishes dry lips to luscious and healthy lips. LipFeel Natural provides complete moisturization to keep lips smooth and soft.

Peach Pearls Natural Gloss Pot CC-1057

This creamy gloss pot adds luster to lips creating a soft dewy finish and providing rich glamorous color. It is carefully formulated with moisturizing ingredients and infused with natural passionfruit flavor. LipFeel Natural provides cushion and moisturization for long wearing lip products.

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss CC-1056

This ultra shine gloss is formulated with natural ingredients and provides rich, long-lasting color and brilliant shine on the lips. This non-sticky formula glides on evenly and adds moisturization and softness to lips. It is infused with natural oils and natural raspberry flavor. LipFeel Natural provides an odorless and tasteless base for lip products.

Stevia Sweet Tea Lip Balm

Cornelius Group Plc

Firming Lip Gloss “Christy Coral”

CLR Chemisches Laboratorium Dr. Kurt Richter GmbH

Matte Lipstick With MSS-500/3H KLP-046

Kobo Products Inc
This matte lipstick contains Kobo's Pigmentary Dispersions, INBP75ER, INBP45R7C, and INBP70U which are used for their high percentage of color. They also help to improve wear and formula aesthetics. Talc N-I2 gives a creamy feel and texture. Kobo's Microsphere, MSS-500/3H, is used to achieve better application and helps to reduce sweating. This formula also features Koboguard® HRPC, a film former, which gives excellent wear, adhesion, and is less tacky than many other film formers.

SPF22 Lipstick KLP-051

Kobo Products Inc
This lipstick uses Kobo's Non-Nano TiO2 dispersion GCP55TEL. This Non-Nano dispersion provides high SPF/UVA. Kobo's INBP Pigmentary Dispersions are used for the high percentage of color. They also help to improve wear and formula aesthetics. PM Wax 82 enhances rub resistance. Koboguard® 5400 CCT gives gloss to the formula and helps to provide long wear properties. KTZ® Interval Blue provides a shimmering effect on the lips while SP-500, gives a glide-on application and helps to provide soft focus.


Kobo Products Inc
This lipgloss has great shine and wear from Cosmol 222 and Nomcort HK-G thickener. SW40R7C gives a light color to help brighten the gloss. KOBOPEARL™ PERPETUAL IO OrangeCyan gives color travel effect, luster shine and optical effect.

Lipgloss Pure Red

Kokyu Alcohol Kogyo Co Ltd
Pure liquid shine and very comfortable film thanks to the combination of esters and polymers.


Kokyu Alcohol Kogyo Co Ltd
New texture for a comfort, smoothness and hold that last for hours...Natural shine and real color!

Lip Moisturizing Gloss JD2-27

TRI-K Industries, Inc.

Lip Gloss JD2-8

TRI-K Industries, Inc.

Lip Balm

Alfa Chemicals Ltd


Strahl & Pitsch Inc

Coconut Lip Balm

The association of Microzest 25 coconut and Microzest 25 rose permits to colour your lips in a discrete chocolate brown colour. The plant oils and butters regenerates and protects the lips and give a silky and brilliant feel.

Argan Lip Balm

Thanks to the properties of the oils and butter it contains, this argan lip balm quickly regenerates and protects the lips while giving them a silky and brilliant feel.