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Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Jarchem Industries Inc.
Natural Origin Content: 98.1% (ISO 16128-2:2017)


Lamberti S.p.A
Esaflor HDR is not only a rheology modifier in this formulation, infact it gives a pleasant feel to the gel: the hands remain soft after sanitizing. Alpicare ST is able to solubilize Lemon Essential Oil that provides a clean sensation to the hand.

Fresh & Smooth Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

This light and fresh hand sanitizer containing Floraesters K-20W Jojoba is formulated to leave the skin feeling hydrated without a tacky residue. The formula contains a high amount of ethanol (70%) to sanitize while the combination of Floraesters K-20W Jojoba and glycerin moisturizes the skin (ref. CS 09-0141), leaving a silky-smooth after-feel.

Sanitizing Barrier Cream Formulation J8-45C

Jeen International Corporation

Alcoholic Hand Gel UW 29/39

Evonik Industries AG

Alcoholic Hand Gel

Evonik Industries AG


Clariant GmbH