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Loofah Life Green Tea Infusion Cleansing Stick

Solid cleansing stick infused with green tea. A fun to use, solid cleansing stick with extra exfoliating properties for a mild cleanse and a gentle buffer for skin. Infused with either green tea or roses fragrances for that extra dose of personalization. Solid cleansing sticks that can be used in many different applications, shaving, facial cleansing and body cleansing, meaning there is less plastic products in the consumers bathroom cabinet. These cleansing sticks feature Pureact TR-L90 - Innospec’s new easy to use, unique solid form of taurate. Pureact TR-L90 helps create environmental-friendly, solid cleansing products that promise to satisfy the consumer.

Jarchemtm Formulation JII DJT01071 Hydrating Facial Mist

Jarchem Industries Inc.
Formula No. DJT01071

Smooth And Hydrate Primer

Apply Smooth and Hydrate Primer under your cosmetics to take advantage of the remarkable properties of its Hallstar ingredients. The synergistic combination of Olivem® 1000 and the hydrating, plumping power of Olivem® 2020 gives the formulation a smooth, nourishing, soft texture. Olivem® 900 helps makeup wear better and last all day. Youth Oléobooster® protects skin from signs of aging.

Be Gone Blues BB Cream SPF 50

This BB cream provides broad spectrum sun protection without using organic UV filters. It includes highly stable, easily pourable HallBrite® EZ-FLO TDX, a dispersion of nanosized titanium dioxide with tight particle size distribution, to provide a fluid, smooth consistency with no particle perception and very low whitening effect on the skin. The oil-based active BLUE Oléactif® adds an anti-blue light, anti-pollution, protective and curative effect. This formulation was subjected to in vitro analysis and delivered SPF ~55, PFA (PPD) ~17 performance with critical wavelength of 379 nm.


TRI-K Industries, Inc.

Youth-Morphing Refreshing Day Cream With Matrixyl® Morphomics™(*)

The special combination of Volarest™ FL and Arlacel™ LC in addition to Crodamol™ W and Crodamol™ MM creates a refreshing sensation with a fluid texture that leaves the face smooth and comfortable. By influencing dermal morphology and rebooting the skin’s connections, Matrixyl® Morphomics™ constitutes an unprecedented way of combating wrinkle appearance. Crodarom® Coralline™ also adds a touch of freshness and energy. It’s time to shape the skin’s future with this fresh day cream that offers a global rejuvenating effect.

BB Secret Cream

BB Secret Cream contains sun filters that can protect the skin from sun damage. The formulation creates a smooth and homogenous layer on the skin, hiding imperfections for a natural soft-focus effect. Olivem 1000 restores and moisturizes the skin. Sensolene® nourishes and stimulates the rebuilding of skin elasticity. Propolis Oléoactif® TL keeps skin healthy and smoothes wrinkles. This formula was subjected to in vitro analysis and delivered SPF ~ 20, PFA ~ 3 performance with critical wavelength 375 nm.

Sleep Solution Night Mask

AAK Personal Care

Shine Control Facial Lotion With Silica Shells

Kobo Products Inc
This face lotion formulation demonstrates the use of SF1642 as a thickening agent. It offers excellent lubricity and a smooth,silky feel due to MST-547's submicronsphericals, which act as"ball-bearings".SF1528 is superior for cold processing emulsification, provides high aesthetics and a uniform film, and aids in pigment actives dispersibility.


Lamberti S.p.A
A very mild product to wash face and hands. It provides the skin with moisturizing and soothing ingredients. Used with a proper pump it makes a soft and rich foam, which is very easy to rinse and leaves the skin soft.

Night Recovery Brightening Oil

Sytheon Ltd
with 2% Asyntra SL

Nutritive Serum

This light nourishing serum glides easily across the skin and absorbs quickly due to the light aesthetics of LexFeel® Natural. AromastatTM provides broad spectrum antimicrobial protection while remaining preservative-free.


Sonneborn Refined Products B.V.
This light, non-greasy face cream goes on smooth and leaves skin feeling soft.


- lightweight daily serum - gently defends skin from urban assaults - designed for modern women who care about the preservation of their skin's health - protection is the best ally for a good looking complexion.

Brightening Facial Cream

Kobo Products Inc
This Facial Cream features CXG-1101 to impart a creamy, gel texture to the product along with MSS-500W, Silica Microsphere, which enhances the formula's creamy slip during application. BPD-500 and SP-10 contribute a soft focus effect for this cream, which is a natural blurring effect that can minimize the look of lines and wrinkles while illuminating the skin. Silica Shells help to control sebum on the skin by absorbing excess skin oils.CES-1104 and CES-3401 are elastomergels that are encapsulated to enhance the sensorial experience during application. Upon application the encapsulated CES materials break and offer an initial refreshing feel that is followed by a velvety after feel. Glycospheres, Gs-VE, GsPCOg and Gs-VA100C, protect and deliver active ingredients to give a revitalized effect.

Silicone Free Facial Serum

Oat Cosmetics
The inclusion of Oat® COM, Oat® SILK and Oat® Lipid e gives this lightweight serum an antioxidant complex that protects from future signs of aging, whilst also moisturising and replenishing the skin.