A natural solution for atopic skin

A purified natural active ingredient, composed of oligosaccharides extracted from the roots of mondo grass is able to restore the homeostasis of atopic skin


Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory and chronic disease that today affects 15-20% of children and 1-3% of adults. Epidemiological studies show that this pathology is an emerging public health problem. AD is a multifactor skin disorder with genetic and environmental components. Moreover, a health crisis linked to all hygiene procedures and protection measures may amplify its emergence and consequences. Pruritus, redness, dry skin and eczema lesions are among the most common symptoms. To tackle this pathology, Silab developed a purified natural active ingredient obtained from the roots of Ophiopogon japonicus (mondo grass). It is able to prevent the appearance of clinical signs of atopic dermatitis and to prolong periods of remission, as a relay to corticosteroid treatments. Its clinical efficacy in a cohort of Asian adult patients with this pathology has been demonstrated under control by dermatologists

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a pathology including symptoms such as pruritus, redness, dry skin and eczema lesions, and characterised by alternating periods of flares and remissions. During a flare, the skin of patients is dry with red patches, patches and aesthetic unpleasantness, accompanied by intense itching.

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