Unique textures via natural-derived modifiers

BASF Care Creations has combined two naturally occurring anionic polysaccharides to achieve a hydrogel that is similar in structure to carbomer

You have had a long day at work, your eyes are tired, and you have just put the kids to bed. Your evening routine is your 'me time'. The creamy foam of your cleanser feels both nourishing and refreshing. Your serum has a pleasantly smooth feel, blends in quickly and does not feel sticky at all. Your jar of moisturiser always looks inviting, because you know the texture is pillowy soft and light yet feels so comforting on your skin. You feel like you have taken care of yourself, even for just a little while.

The texture of each of these products plays a critical role in building an emotional connection with your customer that can lead to long-term brand loyalty. These unique textures add a layer to the product experience, in addition to delivering basic functionality. The most experimental formats could be considered 'transformational', such as gel to oil, balm to powder, or serum to oil, where the application begins as one form and transforms into an obviously different form for skin feel. Even more engaging are food-inspired products and unique formats like ice cream, jelly, soufflé, pudding, caviar, pearls, or sponges that invite consumers to have fun with their routines.

When formulators are tasked to develop these unique textures, a robust toolbox is required. Preferably, this toolbox should be comprehensive and contain a plethora of natural ingredients such as thickeners, emollients, emulsifiers, waxes, and more. As the demand for unique textures increases, the challenges are also increasing.

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