Mineral-based sun stick wins formulation award

Ashland Ganex (Antaron) WP-660 polymer was the hero ingredient in the Ashland mineral-based sun stick SPF 50 formula that won the CEW's Supplier Ingredients & Formulation Award as part of the prestigious CEW Beauty Awards.

The award was presented virtually at the CEW’s cocktails event. Sponsored by New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC), the award category recognizes the role that ingredients, formulations and new technology play in successful consumer product launches. 

Ashland’s entry was selected from more than 40 submissions that were reviewed and voted upon by a curated panel of judges that included leading beauty and personal care brands including members of the NYSCC Program Committees. The judges were: Lauren Alciati, Glossier; Eileen Kim, Chanel; Theresa Phamduy, L’Oréal; Mike Wong, EOS Products; and Tao Zheng, The Estée Lauder Companies. 

Ashland’s Ganex (Antaron) WP-660 polymer is a well-trusted film former for water resistance and SPF boosting.  Ashland has found that this vegan suitable ingredient boosts SPF in formulas with inorganic sunscreens and provides a uniform film coating. 

“Mineral-based, high SPF solutions are trending; however, many mineral formulas are draggy or messy,” said Jennifer O’ Hara, global skin care marketing manager, Ashland.  “Ashland’s Mineral-Based Sun Stick SPF 50 won as a less-touch, less-mess solution for sun care with high SPF, water resistance, and a smooth glide that rubs in easily for a more enjoyable consumer experience. The showcased application was a fun way of illustrating the power of our ingredients and how clever formulation formats can solve consumer problems. We are committed to creating safe, truly efficacious solutions and are working tirelessly to solve for more sustainable solutions.”

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