Improved regulatory group aids product development

Equipping R&D departments with solution-driven innovations for global compliance is the only answer to establish autonomy and build databases to improve performance in cosmetic development. This is why in this global and challenging environment, Coptis has launched a new version of Coptis Regulatory Group

Based on collaboration and active participation, Coptis LAB users have access to a wide range of regulatory restrictions from different countries such as China, Europe Canada, and the US. They can validate or invalidate restrictions by voting and also conduct regulatory analysis of their formula and check if they meet the regulation of each targeted country. They are also informed in real time of regulatory issues with automated alerts. This optimisation occurs from the initial steps of product development avoiding long wasted time in their project development.

One Coptis LAB user, Adam Campbell, R&D manager at Mansfield-King, Indianapolis, US, commented: “The new Regulatory Group is a major improvement as it is much quicker to record and retrieve data. The major benefit is that it is a peer voted system and it informs the formulator the confidence level of the data being presented. Having this data on the regulatory analysis page makes it easy to quickly identify any compliance issues during product development. I’d highly recommend to any organisation that isn’t already participating to do so. The information could potentially save lab time and the more users ensure higher levels of accuracy.”

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