Multicultural hair conditioning

Croda Europe Ltd launches a new conditioning agent, Crodazoquat MCC (MultiCultural Conditioning), designed to address the expanding market need for multicultural conditioning and damage repair for a diverse range of hair types.

The company noted that the broad regulatory acceptance of Crodazoquat MCC will enable globally-acceptable formulations. In the hair conditioner market, the Asian and Hispanic populations are rapidly expanding, outpacing the overall growth median. Croda explains that consumers around the globe have a need to repair damage caused by colouring, chemical treatments and heat-styling, creating a market need for multicultural conditioning agents. Using its technological expertise in creating conditioning ingredients, the company has developed Crodazoquat MCC specifically to offer conditioning benefits across a wide range of hair types that have heat and chemically-induced damage. Croda notes that extensive testing data showed improvements on damaged hair of various ethnicities, indicating that Crodazoquat MCC would be well-suited for both products targeted to specific demographics as well as universal global applications.

Croda states that Crodazoquat MCC offers formulators the flexibility to create products that will effectively improve attributes such as feel, manageability and appearance of hair types among a broad range of ethnicities. In addition Crodazoquat MCC is vegetable-derived and has broad regulatory acceptance, including in China where it is IECIC and IECSC listed, to facilitate use in global applications.