Disinfection specialist showcases ranges at Making Cosmetics

Schulke are specialists in the disinfection of production areas in cosmetic and other hygienically sensitive environments, and at Making Cosmetics the company showcased its specialist perform disinfectant and arcana cleaner range.

Schulke are a chemical and pharmaceutical GMP-manufacturer whose products and services protect people, environments and materials against infections and contamination.

Each product from the schülke range has excellent material compatibility, and has been developed to suit a broad range of microorganisms and manual disinfection & cleaning methods. Schulke’s products provide enhanced cleaning and disinfection performance to meet the current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements. To realise its philosophy schülke‘s competences embrace GMP, ISO and EMAS certifications and awards.

Cosmetics are part of our everyday life. We apply them several times daily and in many cases to our entire body. Therefore cosmetics contaminated with microorganisms can affect consumer’s health. Manufacturers of cosmetic products have to follow Good Manufacturing Procedures by 2013 at the latest, when a new cosmetic regulation will be implemented. For this purpose adopted regulations, EU directive 76/768/EWG, national equivalents and guidelines to fulfil cosmetic GMP requirements such as the DIN EN ISO 22716 or recommendations from cosmetic organisations should not be seen as unnecessary. In fact they offer a big opportunity to improve the quality of your products and guarantee the highest level of operational standards.

Schulke supports customers with a comprehensive concept of Microbiological Quality Management (MQM) including lab services, application advice, plant audits and training programs for employees. It is not only a matter of eliminating the risk of infections for people, but also of protecting products and equipment from contamination.

On request the company also offers comprehensive concepts for microbiologically safe cosmetic products and can be contacted for any other questions you may have. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a preservative for your formula – different ingredients in the formula, pH value, type of packaging, countries where the product is to be sold, company policy – to name a few. The large number of possible microorganisms, different packaging and storage conditions and the enormous diversity of raw materials used in cosmetics and toiletries impose demands that cannot be met by just one substance used at an acceptable dosage.