Innovative new formulations

This year Jan Dekker joined the IMCD Group which means they may now have the most exciting and comprehensive portfolio in the industry.

They demonstrated samples of innovative new formulations from the IMCD personal care laboratories including TurboBeauty Immediate Effect serum, ProTech Beauty Make-Up Remover and Iridescent Sun Touch Bronzing Serum.

At SCS Formulate, IMCD were joined by some of their key supply partners ,including :
Alban Muller International presenting their natural salicylic acid, a pure molecule extracted from wintergreen. An innovation that has led to the creation of 2 new ingredients: Amipreserve, an authorised natural preservative, and Amiperfect, for a perfect complexion

Grant Industries showcased their latest silicone elastomer technologies which can be used to create fantastic BB and CC creams. Their expertise in formulating was experienced first-hand.

Nikko Chemicals has also focussed on BB creams with 2 entirely different routes, one PEG free natural O/W emulsifier and one cylcomethicone free silicone with hectorite W/Si emulsifier.

IMCD presented the latest bud nest technology, GemmoNova®, a Jan Dekker product. Thanks to the contamination-free environment of safflower buds and their richness in active compounds, IMCD (former Jan Dekker), have revealed some powerful anti-ageing properties. GemmoNova® promotes collagen type I and elastin synthesis and increases the density of mature skins.

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics presented ProgelineTM. With this new high tech biomimetic peptide, they have discovered how to approach skin aging by modulating progerin, the new marker for aging,  resulting in a complete remodelling effect and reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

Soliance the innovative French company with an unparalleled sustainability focus presented their new active ingredients Nature has inspired Soliance to develop a solution for weak and dehydrated skins, Hydreïs - which is produced from an exotic bacteria strain from Martinique found in a soil subject to extreme water stresses.  Syner-GX is a sensorial and natural thickener which stabilises and brings a soft and smooth touch to formulas. Ellagi-C is a vegetable derived ingredient extracted from the bark of an African tree, Anogeissus leiocarpus which visibly decreases wrinkle depth through three complementary activities.

Zano® is Umicore's specialty zinc oxide that combines excellent broad-band UVA/UVB absorption properties with high levels of transparency in a wide range of applications. Zano® also offers good antimicrobial properties, which makes it a good additive to any suncare and sensitive skin care formulations.