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We are the first company in the world to offer biotechnological high-value cosmetic and nutraceutical actives from Plankton holobionts: phytoplankton - bacteria consortia.

Our technology platform, Phycosphere Biodynamic Techn ® (PBT) explores the complexity of this tiny ecosystem where phytoplankton and its microbiome cooperate: the phycosphere.

We bridge the gap between Phycosphere and dermosphere. These two similar ecosystems have evolved by conserving molecular principles that we have learned to create Phycoskin actives.

Bio-engineered produced in our Green Lab – Grown, Phycoskin Actives beyond a new generation of natural cosmetic ingredients based on molecular richness and multifunctional cosmetic efficacy.

Molecular integrity of our actives is protected through high encapsulation technology, ensuring high bioavailability. Thus, the cosmetic formulas that incorporate them reveal all their potential in care and protection of skin.

Focus on innovation, we keep in mind the commitment with social and environment objectives of 2030 agenda SDGs. Our process saved 70% water and around 50% energy.

Engaged with our customers we support from the concept to the final product. We help to stand out from your competitors. We know that your products need a new concept, formulation support and guidance to enable you to design irresistible products for the marketplace.

Phycoskin ® Actives are waiting for innovative formulators like you.




 Synbiotic effect to recover skin balance

Synbiötik Phycoskin® (Synbiötik PSK) is the cosmetic active ingredient that cooperates with the skin microbiota to achieve a perfect synbiotic combination and combat the effects of dysbiosis.

We biomimicry this amazing marine holobiont from the Atlantic and Mediterranean biofilm ecosystem, which form part of the nutritional basis of marine biodiversity.

Neobiotik molecular complex from Synbiötik PSK nourishes the microbiota and restores skin balance.

Synbiötik Phycoskin® brings softness to the skin, restores the moisture level, and reduces excess shine in acne-prone skin and appearance of comedones, pustules and papules.    



The solar booster created for extremely quality cosmetics

Microalgae Solutions S.L. launches Xtreme-Shield Phycoskin® (XS PSK), the first solar booster with Hygrosmart - UV-shield system (HUS).

XS PSK is based on phytoplankton holobiont cultivated in Atacama conditions to obtain a cosmetic active with extraordinary properties for skin protection against UV rays and skin dehydration.

We offer this unique opportunity for brands looking for an authentic and exclusive ingredient.



The first cooperative active ingredient from live holobionts

PHYCOSKIN® ONE (PSK ONE) releases the Antioxidant-Whitening Dual system to comprehensively combat the effects of exposome on skin aging and pigmentation

PSK ONE is Unique Holobiont supraorganism composite by phytoplankton - microbiota consortia obtained by PBT.

Sourced from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, we select the best team of phytoplankton species and their microbiota. In our Green Lab-grown we cultivate them together to obtain a Marine holobiont. This is the core of PBT.




From Phycosphere to dermosphere

Our passion for exploring the complexity of the microe-cosystem where phytoplankton lives, the phycosphere, has allowed us to decode the interactions between phytoplankton and microbiota. This is PBT.

The desire to share all the wonders that this unique microbial habitat can offer to benefit the health drives us to develop a cutting-edge technology platform that mimics this sophisticated small world.




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MCB is an advanced technology that multiplies the added value of natural plant and mineral extracts. This technology has been created by a team of experts in natural extracts and encapsulation systems.

Phycoskin actives improve their efficacy thanks to advantages of encapsulates from MCB:

  • Reduction of the active ingredient concentration
  • Maintains the activity of the bioactive compounds in the final formulation.
  • Protects molecules against chemical, enzymatic or physical degradation processes.
  • Enables the solubility of molecules in aqueous media.
  • Minimizes the effect on the organoleptic properties of the final product.

Progressive release of active ingredients


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